At last we work on the song all together at rehearsals

At The Dawn

Hello Stefano. Thank you that you are doing this interview. Until recently, the band At The Dawn was completely unknown to me. I think it’s the same for many other fans. Please briefly introduce yourself at first.

First of all thank you for this interview and for your time. We formed in 2011 with the idea to create and play the music we like to listen to: a mix of power and heavy but enriched with symphonic elements and doing that we always focus on melody.

Your debut album „Countdown To Infinity“ was released in April 2102. Three years later you are now publishing its follower „Land In Sight“. What are the differences between the two albums?

Really “Countdown to infinity” was the EP we have realized to find a record deal; in fact in October 2012 we have signed a deal with Buil2Kill records and we have published in January 2013 our first LP: “From dawn to dusk”. Our new album “Land in sight” is a bit different from the first: the songs are longer and more complex. Anyway “Land in sight” is the natural evolution of our music and of course it’s more mature than “From dawn to dusk”.

„Count To Infinity“ is not a concept album. But it runs through a red thread. You tell stories and legends. Please say something about the contents.

Personally I don’t like to write about actuality, social and so on, cause they are themes abundantly inflated on media. Our lyrics are based on history, legends and myth; sometimes I tell true stories, other times I simply use my imagination. I like fantasy too.

On the cover of your album a super artwork can be seen. A three-master in a stormy sea but land is in sight. What kind of relationship do you have to the sea and seafaring?

In the album cover we have put many elements that recall the songs of the album itself: the ship is called “deserter” as you can see on the poop and on the sail you can see “the tiger”; all surrounded by a “darkened sky” and sea. In the back cover, you have not already seen, there is a siren on the beach that is looking at the ship arriving. As a land in sight is the possible arrival point for a ship, we consider that this album has a similar meaning for our music…maybe we’ll arrive at our final point or maybe not, anyway it’s a stormy sea to navigate .

Have you designed the cover by yourself or have you engaged a graphic designer?

We have engaged a graphic designer, Domenico Neziti, who works for the Star Wars comic series and many other comics, but who is, fortunately also a dear friend of mine. He has designed the cover, the back and the booklet of both our albums.

The three songs „Overture“, „The Offense“ and „The Revenge“ are thematically grouped as „Rosamund’s Suite“. It tells the story of the Lombards Queen Rosamund. How did you come up with this story?

This is one of the stories I like to tell cause it’s a perfect mix between history and legends. I saw when I was young a painting of the queen Rosamund in which she was drinking from the skull of her father and this scene was impressed on my mind. The fact itself is a legend, but Rosamund was really a queen who killed king Alboino (his husband) in a conjure for revenge.

In the „Rosamund’s Suite“ and „Siren Call“ Letizia Chiozzivon from the Italian gothic metal band „Synful Ira“ is to hear as guest vocalist. How did it come to this collaboration?

I was looking for a female voice for these two songs and I have listened Synful Ira on youtube. Letizia lives in Rimini, not too far from Imola, so Facebook did the rest. I like her voice cause it’s sensual and biting the same way.

How do you create the songs? Is there a main songwriter or flow the ideas of all band members into the song writing?

Usually one of us brings a rough idea of a song, then others members add their parts. At last we work on the song all together at rehearsals.

Your songs are very varied. Which bands influenced your musical development?

The songs are varied because we have many musical influences: some of us were members of a death metal band and they usually listen to Inflames for example. Others listen to power and prog, such as Stratovarius, Dream Theater and so on. Personally I like very much Kamelot, Jorn Lande, AOR in general and obviously, my gods: the Iron Maiden.

The last song of your album, is the Iron Maiden Cover „Revelations“. Why did you choose this song?

I asked my band mates to realize a cover of the Iron Maiden because I think they are the best metal band; I have started listening to heavy metal many years ago and I’ve grown listening to their music ; Revelations is my favourite song of them.

You recorded your album in the Domination Studios San Marino. Before you bands like De La Muerte, Ancient Bards, Elvenking or Voodoo Highway have recorded there, too. Why did you decide this studio?

We have listened to DGM album “Momentum” and its sound has literally struck our minds: “Bloody hell, who has produced that?!”… so … Michele Vinci has called Simone Mularoni and we started our collaboration with him.

Studio recordings are not cheap. How did you finance the production in this renowned studio?

Well, Simone Mularoni has made us an honest price and we have recorded, mixed and mastered the entire album in less than 2 weeks, so the cost has been not too expensive.

Can you currently live from your music or do you have regular jobs in addition?

Oh no…nowadays is quite impossible to live making music if you are not famous. We all have a regular job except Mattia (Drums) who is studying to become a Doctor. Music is the vent valve of the daily routine that is beginning to give us some satisfactions.

What are you planning for the future? Will there be a tour through Europe?

We will dedicate the next months to the promotion of the album, playing it live in Italy. We are working also to organize a little tour, or something similar, in Europe…let’s see.

Thank you for this interesting interview, Stefano. Is there something you want to say to our readers?

Yeah, I would like to say them to support the underground music of their country, at first but not only, because there are hidden many rough diamonds to be discovered that need their support to become brilliants.

Rainer Kerber

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