Apathy to Raw Brutality

Tacit Fury

Hi Dmitry! Thank you for your time with Metal On Loud Magazine!

Hey, Tania, hey, Metal On Loud Magazine!

I have heard that you are writing new songs for a new album…Is it true? What will be the new album about?

Yes, it is. We have started working on a new stuff not so long time ago. At this moment it’s complicated to talk about the whole album, but judging by the completed songs, the new album will be diverse enough, from apathy to the raw brutality.

Your band has made some lineup changes, you invited a new vocalist…why was this decision made? Tell us more about the new team member!

You know, I feel like a telephone poll while playing guitar and singing at the same time and I think it doesn’t look better then I feel. So we invited a new vocalist to solve this issue and bring the band’s perfomance to a new level. Alright, I’ve been familiar with Sergey for 3-4 years before we decided to invite him to the band. We knew his singing abilities, so it was a purposeful decision. We even didn’t consider other vocalists. I think you’ll definitely like him singing.

This summer was pretty hot for the band – we saw you were touring in Russia…What are the best memories about this tour? What gigs do you consider the most successful and why!

There are so many memories that I won’t be talking about it now. The touring video that we’ve prepared for you shows it much better. I always do consider any gig successful if I see at least one man in the venue who comes make Hell with us together. And thanks to all our fans for coming and making that Hell.

To continue the tour topic…What are the nearest plans? Tours/gigs/a studio?

The most important things now are to complete writing new album and record it. Of course we’ll be touring, probably not too much.

Tacit Fury is supporting death metal giants Dying Fetus in September. How do you choose what bands you want to play with? Are there any plans regarding future shows? What bands would you love to play together?

Actually, all is simple. We choose a band to play with if we like it and if it’s not wierd to play together. For example, we won’t play with A-ha for both reasons. We would love to play with Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Hypocrisy, Vader, Soulfy and etc. This list could be endless.

I see on your Facebook page: you are a gear maniac, he he…what is important for you concerning instruments and sound?

Hard to describe it actually. I choose instruments and sound this way: I know what sound I want to hear and what feelings I want to feel when I play guitar. Also some stuff was recommended by my friends and I found it good for me.

Tell Metal On Loud Magazine readers: what is the situation at the death metal scene in Russia? What good bands would you advise to give a listen to (besides Tacit Fury)?

I had a feeling that Death Metal in Russia was dying out. But I will always play some sort of Death Metal, maybe even after death.. I can recommend Fetal Decay, Katalepsy, Grond, etc.

Coming back to the future album…any hint when should we expect it?

I hope we will be able to record it in about a half year.

What would you wish to metalheads reading our magazine?

As always – good music and happiness :-)!

Thanks again, Dmitry! Good luck and many-many new fans! METAL ON LOUD! m/

You’re always welcome, Tania!

Tania Legrand

Tania Legrand is a co-founder of Metal On Loud! This Russia-born metal lover currently operates from France. She manages the Facebook community and does interviews.

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