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Sometimes you ask a band you interview a number of questionsand you get so much information back you could fill an issue. When it comes to Anvil, they are men of few words. Short, powerful, and straight to the point. What can we say? Anvil is Anvil and we love them for it.

You are currently living the third volume in the story of Anvil.How has the rockstar life treated you since the release of the documentary “The Story of Anvil”?

We’ve been making a living strictly from the band… A dream come true .

2016 will see the release of your 16th studio album:Anvil is Anvil and what can you tell us about this release?

It’s as authentic as we could possibly be… pure self-reflection.

What would you say is “Anvil” in your experience and what would you say it stands for?And has that perception changed in any way over the years?

It is pure Heavy Metal without compromise… Never changing.

What is your most memorable performance in your career so far? and what made it so special?

Bang Your Head Festival 2015… We played a full set for a packed out audience,usually the set time is smaller and it was very rewarding and fulfilling…

Many bands have come forward these last few years saying you were a big influence on them,what artists influenced you?

Mostly music from the 60’s and 70’s… Hard Rock… Deep Purple, Black Sabbath… and many others.

What would your ideal world tour look like?

There would be an endless list of gigs playing in as many Countries as possible .

Where would you play,who would you take with you?

Anywhere they will have us and we’d take what we need!!!

What will 2016 look like for Anvil?

It will be a very busy year with the release of our new cd which is set for February 26,2016 and then we begin touring Europe with Dirk Schnider.

Any last words for our readers?

We hope to see all of you when we go on tour… Playing for you is what we live for!!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us,we at Metal On Loud look forward to seeing you on the road and hope to talk with you again!

Metal On Loud!

Randy Gerritse

Randy is the founder of Metal On Loud Magazine and its community. He is a lyricist for several bands (Dissector, GOOT), an author currently working on his second book, and does web development for a living.

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