An enthousiasm we haven’t seen in a while

Cradle of Filth

On March 1st 2018 we met up with Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth before their show in Antwerp, during their tour with Moonspell.

This interview was rudely interrupted due to us hijacking Moonspell’s dressing room, but it made for an entertaining intermission.

Dani talks about the Cryptoriana album and it’s 19th-century ghost story-based inspiration, about the latest lineup and band dynamics, and the difficulties of maintaining a tour blog when you don’t have much to tell.

We touch on what it means to have a British background in a band, the once again more prominently featured female vocals on the latest release, the 20th-anniversary of Cruelty and the Beast and its re-release, with look back at the time of the record.

We discuss the shock value of Cradle’s music, and Dani’s plan for a poetry book!

Photo’s and video by Sebastiaan Spijker

Randy Gerritse

Randy is the founder of Metal On Loud Magazine and its community. He is a lyricist for several bands (Dissector, GOOT), an author currently working on his second book, and does web development for a living.

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