A Toy Machine

A toi me’SHēn

A toi me’SHēn. The name itself gives us an idea of who they are. They wanted to tell us something; they wanted to tell us how we are controlled by the government and secret societies hidden from our eyes. So let’s open our eyes and look beyond, and see the evil things that are happening right in front of us. Below is the telephone conversation I had with the band’s lead man Daynon Lato; an intellectual person and a man of many words. It is a great pleasure to talk to him as he made me think a lot about the present condition of the world in a way most of us don’t. Please give your support to this amazing band!

Good Morning Daynon! Thanks for giving us your time for this interview. We here at Metal On Loud are happy to have you in our upcoming magazine and I have a few questions piled up for you! What is the concept behind a toi me’SHēn?

Our name is a metaphor. A toi me’SHēn operates under the philosophy which reflects directly through its name, a toi me’SHēn, and the definition behind each word in the name. Hence the phonetic spelling for ‘A Toy Machine’. Toy—to be treated with less than due respect by another; to be toyed with for ones amusement. Machine—a group of collective parts or individuals, each serving their own purpose or function, joined together to operate as a machine; a group of organized and powerful men (the government)

Daynon, would you please tell us about the band?

A toi me’SHēn are Tony Lanza on vocals. He is a Hip-Hop vocal sensation and the grandson of singing legend and and movie star Mario Lanza. Scott Pitcock is the lead guitarist and gives background vocals for the band. Although his roots started in Metal, he is quite diverse and the funny guy of the band. Doug Miller plays bass. He has done awesome performances around the world with his band Crazy Town—you should remember songs like “Butterfly” and “Toxic”. Jake Fight is on drums and vocals, and his style comes from Pop/Punk and the alternative era. Then there’s myself, Daynon Lato, on vocals and guitars. I started this project and have roots ranging from Pop to Metal.

Our main goal is to provide our fans with the uttermost satisfaction in all realms of music industry, which includes album quality, online content and interaction, merchandise, media, and of course, our live shows. Our songs focus on the problems we are facing in this world and in our society, for example, how our parents teach us about religion.

Why did you think of doing a mix of different genres?

We all come from different backgrounds—Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal and Pop—so we thought of incorporating all these together. Separately, we all might do things differently, but in a toi me’SHēn we have our own sound and a system that works perfectly.

Are you guys currently touring or do you have any plans in the near future?

Yes! At present we are touring in and around on a local and national level, but yes, we have plans to travel far and wide and to places like Asia and Europe.

Do you have any plans for a new record?

We have been writing a lot of stuff and we are working together on it, and yes, there should be another album hitting sometimes soon or early by 2017.

Would you like to give a message for the readers?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today, I would really appreciate if everyone can go to our website and buy our music or a shirt. Please do support us. Bands like us put a lot of effort into making music, and it’s only if you support us that we can continue to create. Give us your support, spread the love, and above all, please have an open eye for what’s going on around us in the world; don’t be silent spectators. Raise your voice. It’s our world. Only if we all unite can we change this world and free it from the one family that’s ruling it. The politicians are using us as toys; we should bring an end to it. Guns protect us from the evil in society, but people really kill people.


Keith Clement

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