A sum of all our influences


How did you guys settle on your name? killcode sounds very industrial,your music is far from it.

:::KILLCODE::: is a term that I came across and liked the way it sounded.It’s a military term that assesses probability of KILL SHOTS. 

You mention in several sources you play Southern infused Rock and Metal.How did five guys from New York(the home of Hardcore) land on that sound?

Actually that is something that the press and public have mentioned more so than us but we welcome that as :::KILLCODE::: is a sum of all our influences.We all grew up listening to all kinds of music including Classic and Southern Rock which definitely influenced our sound.

What other styles would you say have influenced you?

Really we dig all kinds of music and If it’s a great and a well written song we probably can take something away from it regardless of Genre.

From the moment of inception your band has caught a lot of spotlight (shows with big names,the documentary Dressed,Howard Stern).Are you just lucky or well connected?

Our accomplishments so far have come from hard work and a little luck is always part of it and welcomed 🙂

You are currently in the studio with Life of Agony’s Joey Zampella,how did this happen?

Being from NYC we were all familiar with Joey Z and fans of Life Of Agony and Erric Bonesmith and myself are also friends with Joey from the early Life of Agony days. We were almost ready to start recording our next CD and ran into Joey at a show.We were catching up and he asked who was recording/producing our next release and we said we weren’t sure yet so Joey offered to do it and we jumped at the chance and said yes,so far so great!

What can you tell us about the upcoming album,what can we expect?

You can expect an album that ROCKS but still has a wide range of sounds and colors and It still sounds like a :::KILLCODE::: album but we stretched our wings a bit on this one and are excited with the results!

On your reverbnation page you have a playlist called “Favorites” with just one song in it “Truce”. Is this a favored track? What makes it special to you?

I wasn’t aware of that fact(the Playlist) and I guess we should add some more songs! lol Seriously though “Truce” is definitely special to us as it was one of the first songs we wrote together and it’s still a staple of our set.

You are well known for your live performances which always land rave reviews.What makes a Killcode show special?

We all live to play live and feel very at home on stage and our live show is very important to us and we always try to give it our all regardless of the size of the stage or venue.I think that comes across and part of why people like to see us live.

Do you feel the energy you bring live transfers well to your recordings?

Yes I do but I will say that it’s not always easy to capture that energy and it’s something we’ve gotten better at with each recording and release.One thing that Joey Z has been very good at is capturing that energy on our new recordings.

You announced a few US shows for next year,can we expect to see you in other parts of the world any time soon? and what are your tour plans?

Yes that is definitely in our plans and hopefully as soon as April/May in support of the new release,we just signed on with Danny Stanton /Coallier Entertainment who will be helping us make that happen.

What will 2016 look like for Killcode?

Early in 2016 you’ll see the release of our latest album and we hope be touring in support of it both in the U.S. and overseas and we’ll also be filming a few music videos for the new release with our long time director and friend David Swajeski .

If you played a show during which you were only allowed cover songs,what would you play and why?

We don’t and haven’t played many covers but when we have,we like to make it our own and put the :::KILLCODE::: twist on it. In the past some of the covers we’ve done were”Mountain Song” (Jane’s Addiction)” Midnight Rider”(Allman Brothers) and recently “You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll” (Twisted Sister).

Any last words for our readers?

Thanks for taking the time to listen and get to know :::KILLCODE::: a bit more and as always….. SPREAD THE :::CODE::: !

Thank you for this interview! Metal On Loud!


Randy Gerritse

Randy is the founder of Metal On Loud Magazine and its community. He is a lyricist for several bands (Dissector, GOOT), an author currently working on his second book, and does web development for a living.

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