Autumn Moon – The Second

The Rock and Metal Scene Enriched by a New Event

The Rock and Metal Scene Enriched by a New Event

Venue: area around the Rattenfängerhalle (Pied Piper hall) Hameln on the river Weser
Date: 14./15./16. October 2016

"The rock and metal scene has been enriched by a new event." So I started my first report from Autumn Moon Festival in Hameln last year. And the festival was a great success. In mid-October the Pied Piper City is the venue for this probably unique festival for the second time. But the term Festival does not do justice the concept of the event actually. The various venues are embedded in a big Mystic Halloween Market. Besides concerts on five stages, there are various workshops and readings as well as a gaudy market activity. In addition to Rattenfängerhalle (for 2600 people), the Sumpfblume (700 people), the ship stage on a Weser steamer (for 200 people) and the outdoor stage, concerts will take place in "Papa Hemmingway" (up to 250 people) this year.

More than 40 bands will play on stage in these two days. Therefore, the following list may be incomplete. For me one of the highlights will be Crematory. Since 25 years Germany's leading gothic metal band is standing on the stages of the world. At the Autumn Moon I will meet again with singer Clementine Delauney. Last year she rocked the ship with Melted Space. This year she comes with Visions Of Atlantis back to Hameln. I'm also looking forward to meeting Xandria and singer Dianne van Giersbergen. Dark-melodic is the sound of the Portuguese Moonspell. Worth listening will be certainly also the symphonic metal of Elvellon.

In keeping with the Market bustle Vogelfrey from Hamburg will present their folk metal. The band excited me last year at the band's own Sturm und Klang Festival. The CD with the same name was released in August 2015. In the Medieval sounds of different Coleur we can look forward at Ignis Fatuu or Ingrimm, while the Austrians of L'Âme Immortelle will present darkwave and Electronic.

In the fringe events, there are also book readings, workshops (eg Camera Obscura - photographing with Pinhole), shows (Molière - The forced marriage) and of course the colorful goings on the market with jugglers, horror figures and so on ... For a lot of fun and entertainment is amply provided for this weekend.

Rainer Kerber, September 17, 2016