Issue #8

August 2016

Articles in this issue:

Welcome to Metal On Loud issue #8

What a hot summer, metalheads! Time of rock and metal festivals, active band tours and new album releases! You will hardly find a heavy music fan who hasn't shared his/her photos from events with horns up!

What makes us happy - metalheads don't lay lazy, getting sunburnt at the beach, but if they do - only with headphones where new awesome albums blast into metalhead's ears! We didn't know what gigs to attend, what albums to review - they were so many! But, we hope, our choice will be appreciated by you, Metal On Loud Magazine readers!

We had a long meaningful chat with Black Dahlia Murder, we managed to catch Dust Bolt in between their shows, we discussed the new album with Debauchery and even hooked up with legendary pioneers of thrash metal Exodus!

As well as we were very happy to talk with mighty Soilwork who survived some lineup changes and we are sure that all changes are only for the best! Also we interviewed few absolutely fantastic bands, some of them will become a pleasant disclosure for you!

Keep tuned, people! Read the articles, discover some curious facts about your favourite bands and new music!


Randy Gerritse
Tania Legrand