We will always try to make a better album than the last one


Meet Aspherium! I had the pleasure to talk to Bjørn Tore Erlandsen the drummer of the band and got him to answer a few questions about who they are and what they do.

Hello!! Please tell us something about yourself and a brief introduction of your band mates.

Hello!! I am Bjørn and I play drums in Aspherium. Aspherium started out in 2007 by Marius (guitar, vocals) and Torgeir (bass, backing vocals). I tried out for them and it was done! We made a little demo «The Lingering Animosity». We needed a second guitarist and after trying out several guitar players, Morten came to a audition and he killed it and we were finally fully formed band. Since then we have shared stages around Europe and Norway, all from big stages to small, and we always look forward to the next live gig!

What does Aspherium as a band name stands for? Any story behind it?

Aspherium is something that we came up with after searching the interwebs for band names and not finding something we really liked. It is put together by several words, and it does not mean anything the word itself, but we would like to add that for us it will be the feeling and «state» you will endure when listening to the music and go on the Journey of our music.

I went through your recent release 'The Fall of Therenia' few days back. It was amazing and have turned me into one of your fan to be frank. So, I want to know what has been the reaction of other metalheads and critics worldwide? And are you satisfied with the reactions? Does it have the potential to be the trademark album of the band?

Thank you so much, that is great to hear! It has been really good feedbacks on «The Fall of Therenia», magazines has given it some serious grades 9/10 - 8/10 - 6/6 - 5/6 and the list goes on. People come up to us after concerts and actually have set themselves in the story behind «The Fall of Therenia» and that is a really cool thing to hear. It have the potential to become a trademark or turning point in our carrier, but we are working on our third album right now, and I like this one a lot. We will always try to make a better album than the last one.

Do you think you will be neglected by the so called 'RAW' metalheads across the globe because you are also labelled as a metalcore band? Your thoughts on labelling a bands genre? Is it ok or would have been better if kept simply metal?

Well the thing about labeling a band like us is actually kind of like trying to catch a mosquito with your toes while having to listen to Kenny G`s latest saxopornic album and not be able to reach the pause button… When that is out of the way, we have heard that the metalheads that only listen to blast beats at 7million bpm and pig squeals, actually can find something in our music that they can relate to and actually like it. We can have a lot of different metal genres in on song, but I think it is the concept and the final touches in our songs that makes them «eatable» for the RAW metalheads. To us we don`t sound anything like metalcore.

Could you please describe your music making process?

It usually starts with Marius recording some riffs and me laying down some drumbeats on top of the riffs and then jamming a lot over the different parts of the  songs, listening to what in the riff should stand out, is the vocal line going to be followed by something on the drums, cymbals, lead guitar etc. We so far have made the music before lyrics, maybe it would have been fun to do it the other way sometime.

Struggles you are facing as a band? Or is it going the way as you wanted?

The fact that we don`t have a record deal or a label is the biggest issue we have in my opinion. We have gotten ourselves a booking agent now, Agent BOLT, owner of the mighty Blastfest festival in Norway. He will certainly do good deeds when it comes to live gigs and festivals, that is good for us so we can focus on the music, but it would have been really good to have a label. There are labels that are interested but some of their demands are utterly shameful.

You have produced two albums under independent record label. So what can we expect for the third? Any offers coming your way from some well known record labels?

Yeah the third is soon to be ready for recording, I will record the drums and the rest of the guys will follow shortly after my drums are finished. Additionally to your last question, we are still working on landing a deal with a label that we are happy with, so we have to see when we have discussed the terms of the deals. But there are some bigger labels that have shown their interest in Aspherium.

Plans for 2016? Any major gig to perform?

2016 will be a album year for us, but we are doing some concerts here and there this year as well, 2017 has some festivals already booked here in Norway, and we will start doing more gigs outside of Norway than before.

Aspherium is well known now but still for those who are unaware of it. Possible ways to get access to your music and merch?

Just go to our website www.aspherium.com and your can order in the store there and it will be shipped to you anywhere on the planet.

Do you have a few last words you would like to share with our readers?

First of all we would like to thank everyone who have supported us either you have been with us from the start or just started exploring the «Aspherium Lands». It is our privilege to have you as our fans and we will work our asses of to be better and make better music. Thank you to Nayan and Metal On Loud Magazine for this interview, and follow us on Facebook and our youtube channel. Many more videos will come in the making of the new album and play throughs of the «old songs». The Journey Is A Lie! - Bjørn - Aspherium.

Nayan Deka