Issue #7

July 2016

Articles in this issue:

Welcome to Metal On Loud issue #7

Every once in awhile life just gives you these signs that it’s time to move on. Sometimes it’s something as subtle as the light of a new moon, or the soft touch of the “winds of change”. Other times it’s something far more direct, as sadly was the case here, with an unexpected personal grievance from our long term partner. Whatever the case may be, when it is time, you take what is yours and you move on.

This month we saw the birth of Metal On Loud: The Metalheads Foundation. It’s our new home for the community behind our magazine and whilst we’ve only just begun, we’re already nearing 10k members, but this is only the beginning.

We’re a bit later than usual this month, but it’s been quite the month here. Changes are upon us and the future looks brighter than ever, and —most importantly— we’re having more fun than we’ve had in a long long time.

We’re glad you’re all taking this ride with us. Let’s Metal On Loud!

Randy Gerritse
Tania Legrand