We Metal On Loud

By David Maloney

Each month in our social section, we will shine our light on some of the faces in our ever growing legion of metalheads and the members of our community. It's because of their posts, pictures and support that we exist. Time to meet some of them!

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Sean Macdonald

Hello everyone my name is Sean Mcdonald I am 23 (will be 24 in July) and from upstate New York. I first got into Metal when was 13 or 14 years old by listening to the Black album by Metallica before that mostly into Classic Rock. I mostly listen to Thrash, NWOBHM, Progressive, Death and Black metal some of my favorite bands are Megadeth Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,  Black Sabbath,  AC/DC and so many others I can list.

John Knight

Hi I’m John Knight, I and the singer for UK Progressive Metal band SYNAPTIK, I have been a lover of all things Metal since, well……. forever, my dad was into rock music so I heard it from birth, progressing into Metal from its inception. My brother Ian and I formed bands in the late 80’s, ( speed metal Snyper, technical Thrash Inner Sanctum and later Progressive Metal Fifth Season, now with Synaptik )Metal music brings a range of emotion, joy, anger, love, pain it has a song for every mood and it is safe to say I wouldn’t be able to live without it, Metal has seen me through many dark times, it energizes me. I have been lucky enough to have met some of my idols within the Metal genre and have many amazing memories so far (Performing as guests to Iron Maiden, Exodus. Opening at Donington Download festival, as well as Bloodstock Festival in the UK to name a few) MetalHeads Forever is quite simply the best FB group for all things Metal, the community is welcoming and friendly and there is none of the silliness and rivalry witnessed on other pages. We are all lovers of Metal, regardless of the sub-genre, MHF is the place to meet, chat, share music and support each other. Long may it continue.Brothers & Sisters united by METAL. PLAY IT LOUD.

Athena Syren

My name is Athena and I’m a Greek 45 year old woman. Been listening to metal ever since i was 13!! Fav bands uh oh where to start? Wardrum, Innerwish, LLoth, Firewind, Camelot, Dream theater, Savatage, Thunder and many many more. Keep on rockin.

Jason Andrew

My name is Jason Andrew by day I'm a underwater welder and crane operator and by night I'm a die hard Metalhead. I'm 42 and live Southeast of Chicago about 30 miles. There's nothing more that I love than being around bulldogs,live concerts,and my girlfriend that I met kinda due to Five Finger Death Punch. We live for concerts and see between 10 to 40 a year. Range of music anything from Pink Floyd to Deicide to Sepultura  to my favorite of Slipknot just wish they'd bring Joey back. One things for certain though I love music it's always on loud whether it's in my ear buds to my crane or my dive helmets and it drives most everyone nuts lol. Metal has helped me through rough times to great times it's just my escape and I'd rather hear music than be mesmerized by a television. I've met some great people through music that I'd never would have met otherwise. The only thing I guess is left to say is I hope music makes you feel the way it does me and keep it real,keep it loud,and keep them horns up \m/

Lucia Maria Piccolino and Glynn D. Murphy.

Story behind The Adventures of  Kickazz and Lady SpitfireWe met years ago and talked every Tuesday morning. Silhouette Lies invited Kickazz to Spitfire 40 & I was the best Birthday present for Spitfire ever. She had said in 2015 we’d start going places. Spitfire was then invited to Nickelback on Valentines day and settled for Vspot with Behind the Grey & Waffle House.Kickazz was invited to the wedding of Bernardi M. Steven and Randy Bernardi which her husband refused to attend. Spitfire taught Kickazz how to dance and they have been inseparable since.The Duo is going to keep on going places & doing things.the rest is left up to God.Story behind Livewire with Lady Spitfire and KickazzLiveWire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz is on Sundays and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm- If you miss the episode you can find us on SpreakerLive Wire With Lady Spitfire and Kickazz is a weekly series that focuses in on indie bands around the world. LadySpitfire and Kickazz have been in the music scene for so many years they have developed many contacts that are as deep as their personality. LiveWire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz gives an inside view their personal travels in which they not only find amazing talent but fully immerses themselves into the culture around them and blends right in. The SPIT is back and ready to Kick AZZ and ready to take the world at large, one music scene at a time! and our website www.spitfireandkickazz.com HI Everyone, Our names are Lucia and Glynn, we are from Scranton PA.  We have been in the local scene of Metal and Hardrock for many years. WE love the underground because we love to find new music by bands who need our support, but we also love mainstream such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Ghost and more.We love to travel to different music scenes and embrace what these metal bands love the most.Last year we went to Mexico and Florida and found a lot of amazing talent. This year we are going to go to Japan and see what the city of Tokyo has to offer.

Laura Stephens

Hi, my name is Laura and I live in Wynne, Arkansas but originally  from Texas. I am married to a metalhead that turned me on to heavy metal music 27 years ago. I never really knew too much about that kind of music except watching some 'Headbanger's Ball' when I was in High School. But I can tell you though that my first metal concert was of Pantera, when they was first starting out, in Houston, TX at Backstage. I really didn't know what to think of the music or the band but I did enjoy myself. Whenever I hear their song 'Walk', it brings me back to that time and seeing them before they became big. I seen them a few times in Houston and also while I was 6-7 months pregnant and I think my unborn at the time was doing a little headbanging himself. LOL. I like listening to all kinds of music. My kids grew up also listening to all kinds of music too. They had no choice really. LOL. I love having music going in the house or wherever I am at. I really don't have any favorites but do like listening to Metallica, Pantera, Ozzy Osbourne, Linkin Park, and lots of others. Music can be my escape when I need it to be. \m/ \m/ .

Dalila Arice

I'm a metalhead from Italy, 31, grew up on bread and iron maiden, listening to many kinds in metal, always oriented towards thrash, I consider gasoline of my soul. I support as much as possible the underground scene in Italy by attending many concerts, finding some incredible bands that would be worthy of note, more than many others. The metal flames will never stop burning.\m/.

Enkrypted Gonagetya

Age 44 real name Gary Dowdy machinist ownership of the metal shed... Metal head since 84ish, Love my buddy David Maloney and Metalheads Forever, Metal On Loud…\m/\m/

Brandon M Woodhouse

Names Brandon Woodhouse, Born 1993 Age 22 from Connecticut. Listens to stoner, death, heavy, thrash, black and doom metal the most. Also like grunge and all kinds of rock and roll.Fav bands Pantera Crowbar, Down, Guns N Roses, Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Burzum, Mayhem, 1349, Bathory.

Eirin Bendigtsen

Singer and songwriter for Where Angels Fall from Norway. I have been into music since I was a little kid. In my early youth I was member of different bands as a bass player, and I have always composed music and lyrics. Metal and Rock music has always been closest to my heart. For me it is the whole package; the lyrics, the raw unpolished sound, the anger, the pain, the guitar riffs. With Where Angels Fall I have released “Dies Irae” (EP), “Illuminate” (Album), “Marionettes” (Album), “Female Stigma” (video), “Indifferent” (Single), “Senseless” (Single and video) and “Redemption” (Album). Love Metalheads Forever and always Metal On Loud.\m/.

Rian Symons

myself i have loved metal since i was a kid. first time i listened to metal i think Metallica was on. But it was rob zombie who got me into it. I enjoy writing music, I have my own band as well nothing serious though.

Maria Francesca Bozzo

Hi, I'm Maria Francesca from Italy. I'm 21 years old and I'm into metal music (or, generally music) since I was a little child, especially I love Black Metal. I'm an artist and music is a kind of basis for my drawings. I can't create without music in the background. It is somehow an inspiration to create something That truly expresses my deepest feelings!

Erubey Dibello

I´m Erubey di Bello  a Mexico City - based composer/ guitarist/ multi instrumentalist and songwriter who produces music for different genres, CD recordings in dB Metal Recording Studios and live gigs promoter in Metal Demons. But also I’m a solo artist for some individual music releases that combines elements of Jazz music, Latin Music, Funk / Soul, electronics, and improvised  R&B funk. Member of Americana Music Association (US) and SACM (Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico). My musical training includes domestic education and additional abroad trainings mainly in US. In the instruments learned are: drums & percussion, electric guitar and bass, keyboards. Areas of knowledge handled are between others: Musical instrumentation, Composition, Modern harmony and Audio Engineering.

Sheree Amber Hayes

Sheree purple haze. 33. Animal lover especially cats. Horror Movie buff and loves all types of rock and metal.  Loves going to concerts and festivals and supports local and independent metal.

Randi Gattuso

I’m Randi and I’m from Brooklyn,New York and I’ve been a metal fan for a long time and always will. I’m a huge fan of Glam/Hair Metal but enjoy most if not all Genres, I love skulls and I love Metalheads Forever, METAL ON LOUD.\m/.

T-O Nac

Hi Guys, I'm Sabnoc from a small village close to a tiny Town called Idar-Oberstein, Germany. I am guitar player for Crimson Moon and The Path.Started into Rock/Metal at the age of 12 (with AC/DC) and now, even 25 years later i still am into it. I am a strong believer in keeping your mind open for all sorts of real music will turn you to find a deeper passion for metal and music in general and opens spheres you would never expect to be real.

Liliana Magalhaes

Hello, my name is Liliana, I am 40 Years old and I’m from Portugal. I listen to metal music since I was 16 years old. Sepultura was the first band that make a difference in my life. My favorite is Death and Doom metal, I can not say that I have one favorite band because I love many and is very hard to say one. But, I  can say that I have two songs that are my soul..”Fade to Black” from Metallica and “Gothic Embrace” from Draconian. The only thing that I’m sure in my life is that I can’t  live without music. Music is my life and soul. \m/ \m/.

Antonela Liz Buitrago Bautista

I love Heavy Metal and Death Metal, among my favorite bands are Venom, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. I started listening to  fucking Metal since the age 13 years or maybe less.\m/\m/.

Jerry Sanchez

What’s up metal heads my name is Jerry Sanchez. Born and raised in San Antonio Texas. Growing up southern, Pantera was easily my main influence when i started playing guitar 14 years ago. Self taught i worked at it for about 3 years while rocking out to other influences like Slayer, Lamb Of God, Sepultura, Death and Buckethead before i started up a project that would later become my band Crucifire.

Keith Root

My real name is Keith Root. I am in the process of changing my profile now, so my name should be changing soon, with an actual pic. of me for my profile. I'm trying to figure out a way to work that into the group so everyone still knows it's me. Anyway, I started listening to metal when I was about 8. My two teenage sisters turned me onto it. I remember when MTV first came out, and we'd watch it constantly, waiting for them to play Run to the Hills, or Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden. My mom, and 2 sisters took me to my first concert in 1983, I believe it was. - Iron Maiden/ Saxon/ Fastway. (Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind tour.) From then I was hooked, and I think the first album I ever owned, my mom bought it for me, was Motley Crue.  Shout at the Devil. Then, in 1988, my second concert was the Iowa Jam in Des Moines. - Accept/ Night Ranger/ Motley Crue/ Ted Nugent/ Ozzy Osbourne. I was 11 then, and I realised that I had a natural ability to keep a beat, and eventually joined a local band that were friends of my sisters. They were all quite a bit older than me, at least 21, while I was prob. 15 or 16. I remember I didn't have a drum set, but the drummer for the band I was in, Blunt Force Trauma, had a bass and could play it, so the other guys talked him into playing bass, and letting me destroy his double bass, premier drum kit. It was great! We played gigs, and parties, and even cut a demo with 10 original songs. I played with this band off & on for a good part of 13 years, and eventually, we all parted ways for good, mainly because we all lived in different parts of the state, and it was hard to get together and practice. When I was 25 or so, I rented a guitar, and took guitar lessons, but I figured it out pretty quick, dumped the lessons, and learned how to play it by ear. I bought my first really nice guitar and amp about 7 years ago, but I consider myself more of a drummer than a guitar player, because I can't play lead, only rythym. I just recently realised that there were different types of metal, and until now, I just liked what I liked. My favorite is thrash! I like angry music, with heavy, crunchy, distortion sounding guitar, power chords, and vocals with angry lyrics, and a singer that either has the natural ability and talent to sing, or one that can sound angry without trying to. It seems like if the singer has to try to sound "evil" or "spooky", it just ends up making them sound silly. That is why I am not a huge fan of Black Metal. I like some of it, I like anything, if it's good. - not just metal either. I have a respect for talent when it comes to music and musicians. Anything from, say, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Motley Crue, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Mayhem, Behemoth, etc. My all time favorite band is Savatage, and my 2 favorite bands now are Soulfly and Machine Head. I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to a lot of metal, and music that I grew up with, but I am almost 41 now, so a lot of the newer stuff, I have never heard. That is why I love being in this group. It gives me a chance to keep up with what's out there these days. I love being turned on to something good that I've never heard before. My passion in life is, was, and will always be music, especially Heavy Metal! My favorite singer of all time is probably Ian Gillan from Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, but that is hard to say because there are so many good ones. Right now, I'd say I like Ray Alders voice the most, the singer for Fates Warning. My favorite drummer of all time is Igor Cavalera - Sepultura, favorite guitar player of all time, without a doubt, is/ was Chris Olivia from Savatage, and I don't know much about the bass, but if I had to throw out some names, I would say Blackie Lawless - WASP/ Les Claypool - Primus/ Joey DeMaio - Manowar/ Flea - RHCP/ The guy from Mudvayne/ and, of course, Steve Harris - Maiden & Cliff Burton - Metallica. By biggest inspiration in music is Chris Olivia, the band Savatage, Max Cavalera, and his brother Igor, the bands Sepultura, Soulfly, and Cavalera Conspiracy, Machine Head, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, because I think he is a lyrical genius, and early Metallica was my favorite band when I was a kid. Tommy Lee, Lars Ulrich, Joey Jordison, and Igor Cavalera are my drummer inspirations. My favorite song of all time is Child in Time by Deep Purple, the live version, because when the singer hits the high note, I picture him screaming at god, and it gives me goosebumps. My favorite songs of today change constantly, but right now I would say Killing Inside - Cavalera Conspiracy, and The Heretic Anthem by Slipknot. My favorite bands are Machine Head/ Slayer/ Slipknot/ Ministry/ Kittie/ Marilyn Manson/ Soulfly/ Cavalera Conspiracy. So, is that enough, or do you need more?

Mandy Chahal

I’m a metalhead hailing from Malaysia, the land of tropical weather, beautiful beaches and exotic food. I secretly dream of being the lead singer in a metal band, but can’t seem to find suitable band members. Maybe I’ll bump into them soon, but until then, I work in corporate law. I’m also a freelance model with a preference for concept art.
I started getting into metal in high school, starting off with bands like Cradle of Filth, KiTTie, KoRn, Metallica, Nightwish, Opeth, Slipknot, and many more. Growing up, I just loved the brutal honesty and rawness of the music and lyrics, not to mention the sheer brilliance of the compositions. Many songs and bands have stuck with me through the years, getting me through tough times and for that I’ll always appreciate metal. \m/
I’m a classical pianist, and I plan to do some piano versions of my favourite metal songs. Maybe I can be the keyboardist in my future metal band!
I love Malaysian food. We Malaysians are pretty much obsessed about our food! One of my all time favourites is called “Nasi Lemak” which is basically rice made fragrant with coconut cream and pandan leaves, served with fried anchovies, sliced cucumbers, sweet chilli sauce, and fried peanut. I know this might sound a bit odd, but this would be the one Malaysian dish I recommend to everyone! Besides that, we also love our noodles, chapattis, roti canais, and many more. Being mainly of Malay, Chinese and Indian origin, Malaysia is a melting pot of culture and cuisine. When we’re not busy raving about our food, we usually go to our beautiful beaches and other tourist spots to chill.
Metal may not be big in Malaysia, but I’m still a proud metalhead here and I love being different. This is what makes us metalheads unique in a way, we’re not afraid to be ourselves, and we’re the realest. I really enjoy METALHEADS FOREVER, the group on Facebook, something that I searched on a whimful  attempt to join more metal groups on Facebook, but this is by far THE BEST hands down. I have also met so many metalheads from all over the world and for that I am grateful. Looking forward to know many more metalheads! Rock on \m/.

Troy Swann

I’m Troy Swann, known  as (Rockstar)..
I’ve  been into metal most my life, my first show was Pantera and White Zombie when I was 15, I’m now 35, I have played guitar in random metal bands out on the west coast, when I was 22 I started a promotions company only dealing with unsigned  metal bands,I went on to doing radio personalities for net radios djing metal shows, I have been to countless shows, most underground, and have had the privilege of managing and promoting bands, (DOOM SYNDICATE),(STOLEN ROSE), and now I manage (written in gray) based out of North Carolina USA,
I’ve been grateful to stay active with whom I call my biggest supporter LIL MAMMA BRANDI in the metal community to where I have promoted many bands, anywhere from London UK, Sweden, and the USA,
As its tattooed on the side of my head, METALHEAD, I’m a loyal metalhead and fucking proud, my fav bands are, Pantera, Slayer, Goatwhore, Whitechapel. love my metal family, From the GMA via chapter and the fellow metalheads that attend shows, and bands, Either ways I’m a wide open motherfucker, and keep it real, with my all around random tattoos, to living the metalhead lifestyle,Much RESPECT & HAILS \M/

Angela Rogers

I am from the beautiful east coast of Canada, Newfoundland

David Maloney