We Metal On Loud

By David Maloney

Each month in our social section, we will shine our light on some of the faces in our ever growing legion of metalheads and the members of our community. It's because of their posts, pictures and support that we exist. Time to meet some of them!

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Barbara T

I'm Barbara, a Hungarian Metal guitarist who realized the wonder and magic of music—including metal of course—and sacrificed her life to music's altar. At the moment I'm working on my demo which has a song already published, "Inhuman Conditions" (Under my name). One of my biggest inspiration is Chuck Schuldiner, and I wish is to make him proud! Let the metal flow my brothers and sisters!

Eric Karu

Hi Guys, I'm Eric Karu from Perth, Western Australia. I play guitar for a local band called Dethlahem which is a feral Thrash/Death band that me and my mate Dave (Drums) started 20 years ago. We live in the most isolated capital city in the world which puts off a lot of big name bands from touring here, but on the plus side there is great talent here with heaps of awesome local bands/gigs. There's nothing I like more than a good night out with good mates, good tunes and Bundaberg Rum (The Aussie Spirit). Been loving the Metalheads Forever page, so many awesome people!!! \m/

Corey Taylor

I am 18 years old I was raised listening to the bands Slayer and Slipknot. I can both growl and scream, and I'm hoping one day I could get into a band and become famous. I've lived with Metal all my life—it's what I am, a metalhead forever and always.

Vanessa Medina

Hi, my name is Vanessa Medina, I am 33 years old and I'm from the great state of Texas! I've been a metalhead since I was 15 years old, and my favorite Bands include Iced Earth, Testament, Slayer, Metallica, Lamb of God, Overkill—the list goes on. Metal is my heart and soul! I love poetry, art, horror movies, tattoos, anything by Stephen King, and hitting up shows! Keep them Horns up! \m/

"If Metal is the work of Satan, then the Devil has very good taste in music"

Daniel Harbour

I'm Dan Harbour and I was born in tobacco country, Tillsonburg, Ontario. I'm a drummer and have been for over 45 years, and have two grown up kids who are both metalheads too lol. I've been going to concerts since 1977, my first show was Max Webster, and I've been going ever since. I love my Metal, especially the classics like Rush, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, etc.

Heather Hiett

I love Metalheads Forever and will listen to Metal for the rest of my life! \m/

Christina Ann Crawford

I'm Christina Crawford, I'm 45 year old wife, mother, grandma and nurse. I love all things metal with Iron Maiden being my #1 band.

Casey Hope Ingersoll

I'm Casey and I have two children and two grandchildren. I've been a guitarist since the age of nine, and cover Slayer for the fun of it. To me, Metal is one genre; like an ocean, varied and unknown to the rest of the world. YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD OR ANYTHING ELSE TO BE METAL ON LOUD!!!

Glover Washington

I'm Glover Washington from the bands Blackmarket Democracy and Bushoong! I get my high from playing hard and heavy Metal! Although I have played in many genres, I always get the most pleasure from performing Metal. I have lived in Chicago all of my life (besides the time that I spent attending the University of Illinois). I was a inner city kid going to a Big Ten school, and I never really paid attention to Metal 'til I got to U of I. Next thing you know, I was hooked. I love the power I feel from Metal music; the appreciation from the crowds; the times where everyone is on the same page. My current band, Blackmarket Democracy, is getting ready to hit the midwest and southern states hard this year, and with our sponsors (Coldcock Whiskey and Chosen 69), we are ready smash!

Claudia Valenzuela

I'm so happy to be a part of this family! I'm Metal to the core, live and breath Metal, and will forever METAL ON LOUD! \m/\m/

Gabriella Figliola

I'm Gabriella, I'm 46 years old, I'm from Italy and I love metal! My favourite bands are Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, and many many more. I love thrash old and new school, though something similar may also be fine?

Grace Mcclan

My name is Grace, and I sing and write Metal music. Music is my life; there is nothing better for letting you express yourself and let go of baggage. I am also vampire and a witch, and I will love Metal until my death. \m/.

Ryan Murphy

I'm Ryan Murphy, 37 years young, and a father of six awesome kids. I've been into Metal my whole life. My favorite bands are Faith No More, Megadeth, In Flames, Putrid Pile, and The Acacia Strain. I grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, but currently live in Arkansas.

Peter Lang-Stepkens

I'm Peter Lang-Stephens, the single parent of two teenage girls and I'm from the sleepy hollow known as North Berwick, Scotland. I'm not originally from Scotland, but have lived here since 1986, and currently work in healthcare. A wee bit about me then; the day that changed my life—well one of many—was the first time I saw The Sex Pistols in Plymouth, Devon in 1976. From then on I never fitted into any conventional box. I saw tons of Punk bands back in the 70s; I first saw Motörhead April '77, and there's wee story about me in a Ian Carroll Book. Whilst walking down the road one day, I was singing and decided to start a band, Bad Shapes, named after the Banshees song. Had a following, toured, etc. Gave it all up for love ha ha. Course that never worked out.

I got back into music and did small bit of touring—became a roadie for some bands. Settled down again, became a chef and moved to Scotland—blah blah blah—had kids, became a single parent—blah blah blah. Now the kids are growing up, they're 14/16 now and finding their own life. Any parent will tell ya, you give up a lot when you have kids. Anyway quick update: was in Paris for Motörhead's November gig when terrorism hit. I never got to see Motörhead play again 'cause the show was postponed and Lemmy died before the rescheduled show. Thought of others like myself in the UK and France who never got to see that farewell Motörhead gig, so I thought I'd start a group and try to get folk that have been influenced and have played with Lemmy to form a tribute concert... and so started the "Group Lemmy Tribute Concert UK" on Facebook—we've already got 3.7 followers! With the help of friends in business and new friends, we have put this idea to people who run these things. As you can imagine these things take time and co-ordination but you never know. In the meantime, I'm lost without Motörhead but enjoying other bands like Nashville Pussy even more.

Brady Maloney

My dad is the owner of Metalheads Forever and I'm proud of him and this amazing group. I hope to be a bigger part of it in the future!

Jeremy Davenport

I’m a 41 yr old metalhead and I live in central Fl. I like metal old and new—metal for life! Horns up metalheads!

Chris Stockinger

My name is Chris and I'm 16 (23 August 1999). My favourite bands are Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Slayer, and many more. I've been listening to metal since I was 15.

Lazarus Abaddon

My name is Greg, but I go by the stage name "Lazar". I grew up with a lot of confusion and pent up rage and Metal has always been my therapy for that. My favorite bands are Cradle of Filth, Avenged Sevenfold, SlipKnoT, Wednesday 13, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, Avatar, Iced Earth, Disturbed, Twiztid, Whitechapel, Marilyn Manson, Opeth, Celtic Frost, Trivium—there's just too many to keep to a confined list. I sing and play guitar for my Alternative Metal band, Guilty Verdikt. Every time I hit the stage it's like an exorcism; I let the rush of the music take over me and I lose control. I jump around; I swing my arms around; I scream in stranger's faces, and by the end of it I've released all this anger and animosity I had caged up for days. I'm an artist. I like to draw and paint, but there are some things that can only be expressed through music, and there's no music like Metal Music.

Ambra Ony

My name is Ambra, I'm 16 and currently live in the United Kingdom. METALHEADS FOREVER has helped me to relate and meet others who have almost the same music preference as me as I am the only one out of my friends who listen to "that screaming stuff". I do dream of becoming a doctor and I also want to begin playing the guitar soon.

Tiff L Blackmon

Hello I'm Tiffany, I'm 27 years old and from Georgia. I love everything to do with Halloween; skulls, and dark, creepy stuff like that. I'm an open-minded outgoing, friendly and caring person that's easy to get along with and always willing to try something new. I have a great love for Heavy Metal and Rock music. I listen to Metal every day—it seems to help me... it picks me up when I'm feeling down or just wanna rock out. Without music the world would be a sad place. Some of my favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet for my Valentine, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Slayer, and lots more.

Ericka Reed

My name is Ericka. I am a 44 year old mother of two and a grandmother of one. I first discovered Hard Rock at the age of five with KISS and Rush in 1976, and Black Sabbath a few years later. Then at the age of ten, in 1981, I discovered Iron Maiden and that's all it took. I was completely hooked on Metal from that point on. I will be a metalhead until the day I die!

David Maloney