Metal Fashion

The Eyes Have It!

Hello Metal On Loud it's me again yours truly Vivian Vorhese. In this month's Fashion Magazine we are talking about Metal Make Up and Make up Ideas to help you stay Brutal as Fuck or to help you with ideas that maybe you never thought of.

I am a Make up Fanatic so there is no secret my eye shadow is never the same every day. Everyone has their own way of doing things and for me I like to be Unique. We all should do our best to be One of a Kind! I sometimes take my eye shadows to the extreme. I get lots of stares and people reacting to the way my make up is done. If you want to make your eye shadow pop use eye shadow primer it's amazing! I use primer when I want my eye shadow to be super bright. You can also use foundation under your eye shadow if you don't have a primer.

When I met Heidi and Carla from the Butcher Babies I thought to myself how in the hell do they get their make up to stay on that long? Well honestly the right Make Up Makes a Difference. There are so many places to get really awesome make up from but I'm going to name a three that you can check out to help you get your Metal Make Up Collection started.


Urban Decay has a great selection of colors and you can also build your own eye shadow pallet. This make up is also worn by Heidi and Carla from the Butcher Babies! I met them in January of 2015 when they toured with Black Label Society. I asked them what make up they used because it stayed on so long, they mentioned Urban Decay and the Next Make up recommendation which is Mac Cosmetics!

Number 2. MAC

Mac has a nice selection of eye shadow colors to choose from. They will also let you build your own eye shadow pallet. This is a great make up choice!


This company has an unbelievable amount of colors to choose from. The variety is amazing you can dress like a goth or a fairy any time of the week with the make up selection they have. If you are like me and you like to use bright colors with dark colors occasionally then this would be a great company to check out and discover new ideas.

There are many more to check out but those are the three I chose. I have provided you with make up Ideas below from Corpse Paint for Men or Women and also Very Unique eye shadow designs by yours truly and some others found on Google!! I hope you enjoyed this edition of Metal On Loud Magazine's Metal Fashion. Stay Metal my friends!

Metal On Loud Readers check this cool Make Up Pallet I found. It actually has eye shadow named after bands. Check it out if you find one send me a message on my like page with a pic of you wearing the Alice Cooper color or as it's called on the Pallet Alice Copper, if you send me a pic and message with that eye shadow on I will do a name mention and pic in the next Metal On Loud Magazine for Fashion Fans! Thank You!!

Vivian Vorhese