Issue #5

April 2016

Articles in this issue:

Welcome to Metal On Loud issue #5

What an issue we've got for you this month. FORTY ARTICLES await you in the fifth issue of Metal On Loud Magazine! And what a bands! In Mourning! In Vain! Otep! Abbath! Caliban! Moonsorrow! The list goes on and on!

Next month we will be around just half a year, and looking at what we've already accomplished in that short period, we can't help but feel proud of our magazine, of our amazing team, and of the amazing community out of which we were born: Metalheads Forever. Every issue we think, this one will be hard to beat. And yet, with every issue we improve. What a ride, thank you for taking it with us!

Now enough with the small talk, enjoy our issue! Take your time, there's a *lot* to read!

Metal On Loud!

Randy Gerritse
David Maloney
Tania Legrand