Metal Fashion

By Vivian Vorhese

Hello it's yours truly the One and Only Vivian Vorhese, this is my first Fashion Article for Metal On Loud and I plan to do many more. These articles will contain Fashion for not only the Female Metal Heads but also the Male Metal Heads. Enjoy!

No matter what Genre you listen to there is Fashion everywhere. I have no doubt in my mind that Metal Fashion is way more expressive and adventurous. Some go to Extremes and others keep it Casual. I admire how classy many metal bands like to keep their styles, however I also admire the vulgar display of uniqueness that lots of bands display with their fashions. Most bands just keep it simple and others just don't give a fuck and will show whatever they want to show. Wendy O' Williams started a trend with electrical tape on the nipples that years later the Butcher Babies, Carla and Heidi, who admired her work decided to try as well. Why not when you have such wonderful bodies to display right? I believe that Metal Stars want to make sure their fans know it's okay to be you and express yourself the way you choose. Slash from Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver and of course his Solo act, has a lot of Class in my opinion. I frequently see guys trying to copy his look however never succeed. Slash was blessed also with hair that Noone can duplicate unless of course they go get a perm and even then there is no guarantee that they will look like him.

Making your own Style is Critical to success in a Metal band if you ask me my opinion about it. Your style should reflect you as a person and also you as a musician. I will take Slipknot as an Example they wear crazy masks and look intimidating because their music has a tendency to be just as extreme as their atttire. Your style doesn't always reflect your music. Kittie has a lot of class and style however still get sick with their music and I can appreciate that. Be who you are always express yourself. I often have people ask me if I have a professional do my make up and the answer is no. I do my own make up. I like to be unique and creative with it that way I'm not plain jane. I get lots of compliments and the crazy thing is the compliments come from males mostly. I have had guys say to me that they Love my make up and it makes me smile when a man can appreciate it, to me it's an art. I will get more into metal make up, metal hair styles and metal style in our next issue as well. I hope you enjoyed your read, here are a couple of outfits one for the females and one for the males. I picked out all of these items and made an outfit for you. You can copy these outfits by googling the item you see that you like and you should be able to find them. Thanks for being so Kick Ass! KEEP IT METAL!


Vivian Vorhese