We Metal On Loud

By David Maloney

Each month in our social section,we will shine our light on some of the faces in our ever growing legion of metalheads and the members of our community.It's because of their posts and pictures and support that we exist,time to meet some of them!

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Saige Langfield

By now you can probably guess this is Saige, my electric guitar is black, I have over 500 videos on youtube, more videos than most youtubers, of me singing and playing guitar and even spoken word, I have two matching tattoos with Avril Lavigne, and 12 tattoos this far. Saige Heath, 17

Keith D Suchland

Real Name: Keith David Suchland
Born: June 10, 1966 St George's Parrish, Bermuda.
Profile: I am an American vocalist and musician, performance artist, and promoter, based Tampa, Florida. Though primarily active in metal, I also founded/front an infamous noise punk/weirdcore band, write and sing backup in a country band and am involved in experimental noise (mainly ambient and drone). I am also the founder/owner/namesake of the underground store/label, Splattergod Records, and an active videographer, often filming shows, for bands. I am also a disabled US Army vet, was in the medical field, for over 25 years, and recently was a zipline guide, in the Catkill Mountains, for 4 years.
Aliases: Sir Nekro Cuntsplitter, Splattergod
In Groups: Accahella, Alzheimer's Paycheck, Catharsiss, Don Gates & The Whiskey Burners, Eviscerated Zombie Tampon, Grok, Nightmare Council, Tinfoil Hat
Former Groups: Keith n Ryan Experiment, S. O. S. Dark Alley, Thee Herb Dogs.

Heather Pursell

My name is Heather Pursell. I'm 39 years old and live just North of Philadelphia. I've been a Metalhead my whole life and have raised my boys to be as well. I have three sons who are my life. I grew up listening to the greats such as Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Old Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and many many others including my favorite of all time, Pantera. My favorite song of all times is Cemetery Gates by Pantera. My taste also extends from Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart to Deicide, Lamb of God, Slipknot... etc. I played the bass for a few years but haven't in a few years. I should probably pic that back up. I collect tattoos and have upwards of fifty so far and have no desire to stop. Stay metal!

Joe Borland

I grew up in Kirkland wa in the 80s when metal was growing and original and new been a Metalhead since I was 9yrs old. I'm 45 I play guitar And go to shows when I can. I live in Redmond Wa.

Hell Monarch

I live in Bangladesh
I love thrash metal
I'm single
Birth place Dhaka,Bangladesh
I speak Bengali and English
My nationality Bangladeshi
I'm Straight.

Joanne macneil

My name is Joanne. I'm 22 years old and I got into metal because of my mom. She grew up on bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, etc. A few of my favorite bands are Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, Warbringer, and Skinless. \m/

Sarah Setsuko

My name is Sarah, 17 y/o and I'm from Osaka, Japan I'm half Japanese and Half American . As the daughter of a Military man , I've been to Many countries and seen many great Metal musicians, I've been to gigs from Local bands and big bands such as Slayer, Morbid Angel, Gojira and Amon Amarth, Anthrax, Slipknot, Megadeth, in flames and Rob zombie. I play instruments, mostly air instruments but I do some strings such as Guitar and Violin. My father taught me to love music because is an universal language. Metal is my Mayor and I'm grateful to have met really good ppl and awesome friends in all my travels . It is hard when you move a lot , your not able to make friends.. but Metal is always there for me and I'm proud to be a metalhead. \m/

Marjatta Takamaa

Hello everybody! My name is Marjatta, I'm from Seinäjoki, Finland. I'm 32 years old and a proud mother of two boys. My love for Metal started when I was 11 and visited my class mate's house (a guy, yeah it was a crush thingy). At some point he played one of the greatest metal songs ever, Thunderstruck from ACDC. My soul was sold right there and then. My taste in music has changed over the years and right now I'm more of a Death Metal kind of girl. Apart from music I love sports, arts, books and video games. I work as a Sales Manager/Graphic Designer in a company that develops applications for smart phones.

Lisa Nicholson-Grubb

Ok I'm about kicken ass Rocken harder and loving life.

Mica Pilling

I love Metalheads forever and here are my favorite bands. Metal on loud..\m/\m/........
Rings of saturn
Jag panzer
We butter the bread with butter
Lamb of god
Acid witch

Rob Daniels

I'm 36 from Norwich, Connecticut. And I live and breathe all genres of heavy metal. I'm a metalhead 4 life!!

Sergey Gordiyenko

My name is Sergey. I'm 34 years old. I was born in Russia but have lived in the States for over 20 years now. As a kid I studied music theory and classical piano but when I discovered metal I picked up the guitar. Today I play guitar in a folk metal band called Kvasura and a death metal band called Bloodtrail. Growing up in communist Russia I had no idea what metal was. When I came to the U.S. I randomly heard Sad But True on the radio and I was floored. I never heard anything like this but I was hooked and I wanted more. Still do.

Virginia Miranda

Hello,My Name is Virginia Miranda.,and I am Married,and I also have 2 son's,Enrique(15),and Stevie(8).And my Passion in life,(besides my family),is Heavy Metal Music.My two Favorite Bands are "Dio"and "Iron Maiden." I also love many other Amazing Heavy Metal Band's as well.\m/

Sky Blythe

My name is Sky Blythe. I'm from Vancouver, Canada. Some of my favourite bands are Lamb of God, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, and 3 inches of blood.

Satu Ristila

I was born in the land of snow and sorrow, where white snow is falling from the starlit sky and days are dark without light. My lovely father introduced me to this beautiful and powerful music. I was a little baby when I started to listen to all those great bands of '70s. For me the metal music has been a savior through my life. Metal music is to me a friend, a therapist and something that I can count on. The music is there when I am happy or sad. It has never let me down, and it will lift me up. I love the concerts where the atmosphere is relaxed and broad-minded. It is great to see the bands give every time all of them, just because they love this music and the fans of theirs. I like all genres of metal music, but there is one special part of it very near to my heart. I love folk metal. I have been almost 40 years fan of this great music... And I will continue to be till the day I die.

Asfiani Budiharto

Hello, I'm Asfiani ... Got my self hooked on metal sound since I was in high school .... Metallica is my favourite band ... Horns up from east part of the world \m/.

Shawna Prime

Shawna Prime (Inky Metalforlife)
37, from upstate NY
Birthday is January 21st
Favorite bands: Allegeaon, Devildriver, Aeon, Vader, Bloodbath, Nightwish and Eluveitie.
Favorite genre: Technical Death
Used to be a metal DJ on several stations. The first band that got me into metal was Metallica.

Stephen's Marc

I am Canadian of Jamaican decent

Welder, Boxing coach, Boxing Official,and former boxer and personal trainer,.., background actor( fallenskys , the cult, seventh son) and all around music enthusiast and

My first concert was Motorhead and Fist In Toronto ont..

I love the Occult Sciences

I got my first guitar at the age of ten. met others the same and picked up stuff from them I looked listen and learned. Today I play bass,guitar and drums I also Love to listen to( Bonham and Page,Plant and jones) All music is ok but what drives me is Blues and Metal/Rock and Reggae as well as Punk.Somedays 40's and 50's I love the sound of those earlier era's and just different it is always good.In

High school and College I hooked up with a few dudes in town that knew music and needed help getting out and around,so in my down time I did boards, setup,tune get beer and learned stuff,even got my name on a few albums. One day I found myself inside a boxing gym,

My first time in the ring I get me some beat downs but that didn't last long,the more I took the more I gave back,One of my sparring partners was a dude named (Gary Goodrich) who at the time was the only UFC fighter from Canada and he trained with us(So I had to kick his ass LOL) The thing is taking punches from him made it possibly walk into the storm with a smile!!

I may have seen over 1000 bands,. like, The Spoons,Men Without Hats,Johnny Winter, Frank Zappa, Beach Boys,James Brown, ZZ top, Venom,Fist,King Diamond,Clarknove Liquidown,Tilt,The Salads,Bodycount,Hellyeah,Pantera. Some of the biggest like Sabbath,GnR,The Who,Maiden,Stones, triumph,Rush,The Doors 21'st Century and the list goes on at the present I have for both The Who and Sabbath final show!!.

Boxing has taught me to walk into the pain and come back smiling.Music give me timing and speed to do this.

As a person hope we can all get our shit together one day! my favorite saying is (There go learn stuff )

Thanks to Metal On Loud for giving me the chance for telling my story CHEERS!!!

David Maloney