our strongest element is the ensemble of vocals


Thank you for taking the time to speak to us! For the ones that don't know you yet, who is Serenity and what do you play?

Thank you for giving us your space! Serenity is a melodic metal band, with strong symphonic and bombastic sound. A fine combination of powerful music and epic melodies!

You've been making music as a band for quite some time now. If you compare your first demo from 2002, Starseed V.R. to your upcoming release Codex Atlanticus, what has changed in your music in the last 14 years?

Yes, it has been a while! Wow, first demo is getting old, isn’t it? For sure there is still a former Serenity sound based on our actual sound. But I guess it would be really difficult to compare Codex Atlanticus and Streed V.R. Line-ups and final result are so far from each other! But for sure we could talk of development, from our point of view, and the way we found ourselves and the way we want to express under this trademark.

On your previous album you featured the female vocalist Clementine Delauney, who has been in your band since 2012 as a second lead singer. What prompted this change in your line-up?

It was a spontaneous and friendly split, both parts agreed to part ways, and there’s no hard feelings in here. We both wanted to try this, and it worked pretty well for War of Ages, but we then all decided that was it. We would like to wish Clementine the best for her career and music path! We had fun time together!

Your previous album (War of Ages, 2013) had a clear hystorical theme where it comes to lyrics, just like it's predecessor (Death & Legacy, 2011). What will the new album (Codex Atlanticus, 2016) be about?

Codex Atlanticus is bringing on the historical themes as in both our previous albums, but this time in a really special way! The album is all focused onto one and only character: Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s not a “real” concept album, as it is built in a way of being a diary, which its name comes from.

What can you tell us about the sound on the new album? Did you make any changes there other than skipping the female vocals?

Well, there’s for sure an improvement to get the songs as stronger as possible, in terms of melodies, refrains, groove and riffs. We experimented duets between Georg’s main voice and my (Fabio’s) lead voice, in some parts we are heavier, and in some others we are even smoother. We still have a female guest on this record, Amanda Somerville on the song “The Perfect Woman” - as well as Tasha, who’s singing with us on tour, and she brought her vocal contribute on the choirs of “Iniquity” and one of the bonus tracks called “Sail.

What would you say are the absolute necessary ingredients to make a song a Serenity song?

heavy riffs, catchy vocal lines, many vocal layers, and bombastic impact!

You have toured with many great bands, in many different cities. What would your wishes be for the upcoming tours?

For sure increasing our fanbase, which is already pretty solid, but we would like to reach new people and many other lands where it hasn’t been possible so far.

What is a Serenity show like? What do you offer your fans?

We try to deliver the best combination of the ingredients I’ve just stated before, and I think our strongest element is the ensemble of vocals, since we all sing. With the new tours, there will for sure be some new show improvements…come to one of the shows and discover it!

You are a band that truly carved it's own path, by recording and financing your first demo's by yourself, without a label. What tips would you give any starting bands and musicians out there in the current music scene?

We’re now living different times than when we all started, so it’s not really easy. I guess the best suggestion I could give is: perseverance! This has to be your only way of making things. Never giving up.

If you could pick any guest vocalist to do a song with you, who would you pick?

It’ll stay in my dreams, as I would immediately ask Mr. Freddy Mercury…

What will 2016 look like for Serenity?

A pretty busy year with a new record, called “Codex Atlanticus” ;) And a lot of touring and festivals! Let’s hope for the best year ever!

Any last words for our readers?

We would like to thank everyone to making this possible, and we hope to meet many of you during our upcoming double-headlining tour with Xandria! C ya on the road!

Thanks, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!

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Randy Gerritse