Into The Future

Set Before Us

I had the opportunity to hear these guys  for the first time about a year ago and was blown away by their awesomely brutal sound. They released their debut album “VOYAGERS” in 2014 which included “LIGHTHOUSES” and “WILDFIRE” two amazing tracks among others. In 2015 they released their new single “HIGHBORN” taking the bands sound to a new level. I had the awesome opportunity to ask them a few questions for METAL ON LOUD.

I would like to start off by thanking you for taking the time to share with us a few facts about “SET BEFORE US”. How did you guys first meet and decide to put the  band together ?

Actually we met in the Swedish equivalent of high school in our middle teenage years. It all started with us just having a laugh in a friend’s basement, playing a few covers of bands we were listening to at the moment. Eventually we realized that we actually could pull a few songs of in a pretty good way, even though most of us never had played in a band before. After that realization we rented a small rehearsal space and started writing our own music. And off we went.

Who were some of your biggest influences that helped to mold the style and sound of the band ?

We’ve certainly picked up influences from a lot of the nowadays big bands of the metalcore and hardcore genres, like Parkway Drive and A Day To Remember. Nowadays we take influences from pretty much anywhere, not affected by the limitations of musical genres. We’re currently a few years into the process of developing our own sound, and we certainly see improvement with every new song we create together.

Your debut album was released 2014 . Awesome by the way . I think” Lighthouses” was my personal fav.  And of course the new single "Highborn" released in 2015 (the Awesomeness continues) That said are there plans for new releases in 2016 ?

Why yes thank you for the kind words. We’re pretty pleased with how our releases have come out the past two years. Of course, there is more to come during this new year of 2016. We’re in the middle of recording new material which we can’t wait to put out for everyone to listen to. It’s not exactly the same sound as the previous releases, but rest assured that we have been putting our very best into these new tunes! As previously stated, we’re in the process of finding a sound that we can stick to for a while. Who knows, though, if we’re ever going to find that sound or if we will be constantly evolving our sound through the years to come.

You will be performing in England a couple of times in March, are there any plans in the works for  any other festivals or live performances in Europe or the U.S. in 2016 ?

 Sure is! We’re going to play a lot of shows at home in Sweden, and we will absolutely visit other parts of Europe too during this year. Unfortunately, we probably won’t visit the US just yet. But who can tell for sure?

When you’re not in the studio or preforming  what do you guys like doing , any hobbies or passions ?

This is our absolute hobby, and that’s why we’re going to make it our day-job! We’ll probably always play music in some way, because that’s really what we all like most of all.  We also enjoy alcoholic beverages from time to time.

Metalcore Fans are some of the best in the world . Is there anything you would like add about  “Set Before Us” before we close ?

We can’t say if they are the best in the world, but the people that we have met on the roads and venues this far have surely been very kind to us. We just want to express our thanks to each and every one who’s listening to our music, coming to our live shows and just generally supporting our dream. And big thanks to you guys in Metal On Loud for featuring us in your magazine! Keep your eyes and ears open for new material (easiest way to do that is to follow our facebook page) and hopefully you’ll stick with us through the new year and onwards! Stay safe!

Thanks again for sharing with us . You guys Rock and we look forward to what is coming in the future from  “Set Before Us”.

… Metal On Loud …

John Curtis Blose