Issue #3

February 2016

Articles in this issue:

Welcome to Metal On Loud issue #3

It's February and we're already at our third issue of Metal On Loud Magazine! How time flies when you're having fun. And what an issue it is! Once again fully packed, with more articles than before. We take you from world class acts like Sabaton and Megadeth, to an unknown one man instrumental metal band. This issue truly focuses on all things heavy.

Unfortunately, not all names that were published on this month's cover made it in time for the deadline. Our Conan and Punch Cabby interviews have been moved to our next issue at the last minute.

Still, even if you don't have a valentine this month, Metal On Loud Magazine has plenty of love for you, right here in this issue. Enjoy, stay heavy and Metal On Loud!

Randy Gerritse
David Maloney
Tania Legrand