Winners of MHF's On Stage Competitions

By Tania Legrand

Aren't METALHEADS FOREVER ambassadors of good music? Discover new names,enjoy new music and spread the word about new bands,that is how On Stage In MHF: Share And Win contest was born.
The METALHEADS FOREVER team announced first Share Good Music contest with German Hard Rock band Strangelet and the most active MHF members among musicians,in April 2015.Wow! Who could expect that a call to be enthusiastic,share information about a band from MHF contest page would become a great tool in promotion of new music and great support for musicians!

Since that time - thousands of shares from MHF members,tons of new songs and discovery of new names -
a weekly virtual Metal Festival initiated by METALHEADS FOREVER!
And in October 2015 the contest was renamed to ON STAGE IN MHF: SHARE AND WIN.
We promised that the names of the winners of the latest competitions would be announced in METAL ON LOUD MAGAZINE.
This is our METAL ON LOUD Hall of Fame...we are proud of you,headbangers and thank you for your volunteer role of Metal promoters,for your commitment and love to good music!


POKERFACE, female fronted Thrash Metal band,Russia -
Brandon Martin,USA, Kansas.

UREAS,Gothic/Progressive Metal band,Denmark -
Kendra Going,USA, Arkansas.

SAMARAH,Alternative Rock band,Germany -
Tim Van Velthuysen,Netherlands,Nijmegen.

PRAETORIA, Death/Thrash Metal band,France -
Sabrina Balkow,Germany,Dresden.

GRENOUER,Alternative Rock/Metal band,Russia -
Barry Townsend, USA, Nevada.

BLACKSMITH LEGACY,Heavy Metal band,Sweden -
Emily Schmidt,Australia,Victoria.

EREKTION,Brutal Death Metal band,France -
Maria Johanna, FINLAND, Kokkola.

THE ARCANE ORDER, Melodeath/Thrash Metal band,Denmark -
Justin Frampton, USA, Virginia.

CONCRETE AGE,Ethno/Death/Thrash Metal band,UK/Russia -
Margaret Palacay,Philippines,La Union.

HOAXBANE,Extreme Metal band,Germany -
Scott Lee Snyder,USA, Ohio.

MINDFIELD, Rock/Metal band,Poland -
Armando Riviera,USA,California.

COMANIAC,Thrash Metal band,Switzerland -
Brandon Martin,USA, Kansas.

DIRT FORGE,Sludge Metal band,Denmark -
Jake Daley,USA,California.

THE VISION ABLAZE,Melodic Progressive Metal band,Denmark -
Chabi Morales,Spain,Granada.

CONGRATULATIONS! Proud winners,please send your full postal addresses to, so the gifts from the bands would find you!

METALHEADS FOREVER,Metal will never die not just because immortal Dio was singing about it but thanks to new talents and us.Generations of headbangers-enthusiasts who will be carrying the flag of good music ambassadors till the end! Famous bands and underground and Metal monsters and starters - they all need our support and our love.Don't ever stop spreading the word about the bands,sharing their music and increasing their fans and army.Share and win,not just awesome gifts from the bands but win Metal battle with popular mainstream and bad tastes.SHARE AND WIN:METAL ON LOUD \m/.

Tania Legrand