We Metal On Loud

By David Maloney

Each month in our social section,we will shine our light on some of the faces in our ever growing legion of metalheads and the members of our community.It's because of their posts and pictures and support that we exist,time to meet some of them!

Do you want to be in our social section as well,in an upcoming issue? please drop us a line!

Jeannie/Julie Arnett

I'm Jeannie(left) that's Janie(right) we're 17 years old and we've been listening to metal our whole lives.We are from Oklahoma and we've been playing metal for 6 years going on 7..

Danika Demonika

My name is Danika I've been into music ever since I was little and my mother always would sing to me and I Picked up on it. I'm wanting to be in a band one day.My inspirations in music are chimaira and epica.....Metal On Loud.

Ma Fe Ostolaza Avendano

Hey! My name is Maria Fernanda Ostolaza but my friends call me Star Fighter or MaFe I'm from Lima,Peru and i'm 16 years old,I got into metal because I saw a movie called "Rockstar" and there was a fictional Heavy Metal band in the movie called "Steel Dragon " I heard the band and I fell  in love with Metal instantly and since then Metal has been my priority and my only reason to stay alive and be happy,LONG LIVE HEAVY FUCKING METAL.

Saige Langfield

My name is Saige and I play electric Guitar and I have four bunnies,I'm giving away two of them for Christmas.

Stephanie Marshall

A few things about me,my two favorite bands are Slayer and Pantera I love the album Season In  the Abyss by slayer and Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera.I have three kids who like to jam with me!!!! I listen to my music loud and proud!!!

Rick Mintz

Bloodless Child Band was created in late 2012
Releases by January 2016 will be a total of 8
Bands was created by Rick Mintz
All music was Created and produced and recorded mixed at his padded cell studio,bringing the live music to life I brought my long time friend and bandmate from former projects Randy Orchard and after a few changes brought in Jeremy Kingyens on rhythm guitar Bloodless Child is a 3 piece Metal band With 2 guitarists and drummer
Frontman Rick Mintz on bringing all elements of Metal 2016 is the year of Bloodless Child.

Nathan Smith

My name's Nathan Smith I used to be in a Metal band for a few years called "Falling Fearless" and currently making a new one called "Nightmare" I believe a bio for me is hard to make brief but I live a lot of my life in pain of things.I caused myself and from the betrayal of others.I've learned that not giving up is the best strength and something I'm well know for I spend most of my current days searching for meaning in life something I put into my songs are very sentimental and express both the pains and challenges of life in general.I had a rough past I'm a former runaway and if I've learned one thing it's that the pain will never go away I can't change that but I can give myself a reason to take it all on and win.

Leo Wayne Martin Jr.

My name is Leo W.Martin and I'm 62 years young and been into Rock & Metal since the 60s.I pretty much like all Genres and I have 3 daughters 1 step daughter & 13 grandchildren & 1 great grandchild.I've been married to my best friend Lynnette for 11 years.

Joe Duran

Love my metal and my fellow Metalheads! We are bound by our music and the art! And here I am representing the gods of Thrash and the all mighty slayer! Metal on loud!\m/

Victor Antu

My names Victor 25 from San Antonio Texas and my Favorite band is Ozzy/Black Sabbath and I love Heavy Metal and Punk Rock.I sing in my band "Machete Rebellion" a Punk Tex/Mex modeled after Piñata Protest.I Did six years in the Army as an infantryman and now a college student with dreams of being a rockstar.

Mike Mckay

my names is Mike and I  hail from Pittsburgh,pa born and raised Roman Catholic but i do not follow the faith I'm really into Norse Mythology and Paganism but do not practice that either,more of a interest I've been in a billion bands, I play guitar 6 & 7 string, bass 4 & 5 string (Death Metal,Melodic Death Metal,Irish Folk and classical) I have a 3 Year old boy, I'm engaged and my own musical project is named "BEHOLD THE RUINER" I'm currently growing a beard as another hobby and ps4 as well.I make pizza for a job and I'm.I'm currently on house arrest which is why I can't play in a band.

Gabriel Rios

My name is Gabriel Rios I'm from San Antonio,Texas I'm 14 and I do vocals and play bass.I hope one day to play Heavy Metal professionally.

Guy Moshkovitz

Hey,my name is Guy Moshkovitz and I'm a 18 years old Metalhead from Israel,I'm about 7 years into metal now and as a person who doesn't want to be identified by Religion or Country.I see metal as the home I belong to and I like Metal from Led Zeppelin(don't tell me it's not Metal!) all the way to Sludge like Down,Melodic Death like At the Gates,Thrash like Megadeth(they are better than metallica, just face it) and a lot more.I try to stay mentally-open-minded. That's how I found myself playing in a humoristic Grindcore band called "Chemical Catastrophe" (later changed to "The Neighbor's Hummus") and it was a chaotic experience.At the same time I play in my own band that I started about a year and a half ago.It began as the Punk/Rock "Trust Issues" but after we switched the second guitarist to a blacker and me and our female singer broke up,I took her place and started singing and we became Heavier and more serious.Now we are called "INSAINT" (look it up on Facebook!) and we have a show we are super-excited for in 21.1.2016. Anyway,I believe we should all support each other that We are all metalheads -  and "true" ones", new metal or oldschooler,young teens and the ones who went to kindergarten with Lemmy from motorhead. We should stay united,all metalheads as one.The pop industry is trying to kill us but as the mighty Jack Black from Tenacious D once said: "you can't kill the Metal - the Metal will live on".Go to shows, support your locals, and Metal on Loud! Have a heavy 2016 everybody!

Kieran Wallis

My name is Kieran Wallis from the North Highlands of Scotland I'm 29 years old and have been drumming since I was 8 with a right-handed disability.I am into all sorts of Metal music from Slipknot Meshuggah,5FDP to Dream Theater,Tool and Rammstein.I am currently studying, 5 months from hopefully achieving a BA degree in Visual Communication and Digital Publishing.I hope to follow a career in Graphic Design as well as continuing with my personal sketching and illustration.

Megan Marie Michaels

Hi my name is Megan Michaels from Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania and I got into Metal since I was a tiny baby and Metal grew on me I was influenced by my 2 older brothers and MTV,I am a Co-Founder/ Co Creator of the metal group Metal University on facebook and I love Metal of any Genre and Rock,I also love going to concerts,shopping,nature and animals my biggest fear is being alone with no friends and pitch black darkness.My favorite bands include Blind Guardian,Iron Maiden,Metallica,lamb of god, Slipknot and much more.I'm also and a Promoter for the internet Radio Metal Devastation Radio,that is and they are looking for new DJ's and more bands to submit their music too.] I been promoting for 1 year.. Metalheads Forever is one of my favorite groups on facebook and I've made a lot of awesome friends like David Maloney and I'm Metal Proud and Stay Metal.....Metal On Loud.

Erica Pagnuco

My name is Erica and I'm 20 years old,I'm from Santa Fe,a city from Argentina and I'm a student.I'm also an  Admin of the facebook group "Metal No Mercy " My favorite band is Metallica .

David Maloney