Spookshow Baby's Double Creature Feature.

By Katy Elizabeth Cooper

Yet another new section in our Magazine! As of this month, Katy will be telling you everything there is to know about the world of Metal Fashion!

It's no secret that when you think of fashion in the music industry,you're aware of the growing presence of spikes, studs, leather and lace.. but let's take a look at the modern day metal music scene for some unexpected style inspiration. Metal fashion isn't just about worn out band Ts, grungey jeans and dirty Converse, as some might think. This is 2015 and times have changed drastically. We have metal Gods like KISS, still donning sweat-proof make-up, black leather, mirrored shin guards, spiked gauntlets and six inch platforms.

With the recent acceptance of shock value as fashion in pop culture, we had to include gory,sexually perverse and scatological in the extreme, GWAR. Performing in bizzare costumes made of latex and papier mache, their stage features rituals, corpses spewing bodily fluids on the audience, and sometimes a mechanical giant maggot. Traveling to the complete opposite end of the heavy metal movement spectrum, we have newer formed bands like Butcher Babies; who bring complete sex appeal and femininity to the stage. I regularly research new bands online, and after seeing so many band photos and music videos where the musicians are trying to portray a "metal image," I can't help but feel as if it's being forced. Some just don't have it together at all; take The Devil Wears Prada, for example. There is not much that is cool or stands out about the way this band dresses, but kudos to them for accidentally naming their band after a book all about fashion, with the intention of doing the exact opposite.. young and materialistically confused.

If you look at the classic metal bands from the '70s, such as Zeppelin, Purple and Sabbath, they didn't feel the need to dress up or try to act tough. Those bands had no gimmicks; it was 100 percent about the music. Only inferior musicians need to make a spectacle out of themselves to sell their music. My advice to metal bands today would be to focus on being good musicians, making amazing music, and being themselves.

And now, for all your viewing pleasure, straight out of Hollywood, California, meet the lovely Sasha Wheatcroft. Front lady of the band Sisters ov the Blackmoon, she is a gorgeously unique witchy woman; with strong influences of both Elvira and Stevie Nicks, with a gypsy soul.

Next on my list of favorite current trendsetters of metal is the beautiful Sarah Swain, front lady of the the band 14-5; who has strong viking roots and is by far the epitome of beauty. She has definitely mastered the marriage of edge and femininity, or sex appeal and intimidation.. I can't exactly decide with her melodic angelic tones, followed by sinister growls. She is quite the Salem witch, with a sexy little metal Barbie twist.

It seems a huge trend hitting ladies of metal recently is that of corsets and dreads.. Here's a gorgeous example from Crystal Beck, who kills absolutely any style she chooses.

With times changing, the metal lady scene is no longer strictly ripped jeans, super teased (and bleached) hair and we aren't restricted to what others think we "should" appear to be. So many influences are evident today, whether it's rockabilly style, biker vests, corsets and hooker heels or even Victorian ballgowns. The metal scene has never been hotter for women, and with those like Maria Brink from In This Moment, Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil and Angela Gassow from Arch Enemy, I think it'll remain this way for a long while. And with that conclusion, I'd like to include a few photos of yours truly. I've adapted metal influences into my style since the age of eleven.. and although I don't play in a band, I do alternative modeling and pick a little here and there. Thank you all for reading, and stayed tuned for more metal fashion reviews! \m/

Katy Elizabeth Cooper