The Elders Realm


How are things in the studio? is the new album nearing completion? "The Elders' Realm" is finished and everything is recorded,mixed and mastered. but we can't release it yet because no warrior goes into a battle without the right strategy haha.

I hear you my friend and strategy is quite important,Do you have any specific battle plan our readers may already hear about?

The battle plans are still secret but we can say that something huge will happen!!!!

What can we expect of the new material? are there any changes? You can expect plenty of melodies and a dark atmosphere on that album and the new compositions work for their own but they evolve their true epicness if you listen to them one by one!

Your new album (The Elders Realm, 2016) is being recorded in Studio Greywolf and that studio is runned by Powerwolf guitarist Charles Greywolf,how did this come to be?

Charles already wanted to record our last album but somehow we didn't go to him so he wanted us so badly for that album.He knows what Kambrium is all about and he knows our sound and how Kambrium should sound, for us it was the right decision to record with him!!!

How was it working with Gloryhammer's Thomas Winkler? What track will he be singing on The Elders Realm?

Thomas sang a song on our second album "Dark Reveries" and his voice blew us away,we had to ask him one more time and we showed him the track and he liked it a lot and he was singing one more time for us. The result is awesome! It is a mid tempo 3/4-song with growled verses and clean vocals in bridge and chorus,Damn epic!

The album artwork you leaked is quite epic,who made it?

Thanks! The artwork was done by Felipe Machado who already worked for Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Xandria, Rage, etc. The artwork shows creepy a sea witch,one of the main characters on the album.

Will the sea witch appear in more than one song then? or just in an important one?

The sea witch appears in most of the songs,she is a very important character.

Any other important characters we can look forward to?

Yes,there is another important character called "Colossus of the seas",he is fighting against the witch.

Awesome, I love red lines in albums! Any indication when we can expect the new material?

Yes,spring of 2016.

How does your writing process take place,what comes first? Do you start with melody or story? Keyboard or riffs? And who does the writing?

First comes concept for the story than the melodies on keys and guitars.Mostly I do the writing, but our last and longest song "Furious Decay Of A Dying World"on our upcoming album was written by Martin (Growls & Bass).Then there is a song called "Layer of Spores" which was written by Maxi (Guitars & Backings) and me.

Your previous album (Dark Reveries, 2013) used a lot of female vocals, where your normal line-up is all male,how does that translate to the stage?

Haha that was easy,we didn't play them live and One song would not work live without female vocals,the other one was too long as a live song.

While researching for this interview I found that has a different discography for you than your own website: it shows an extra demo release,what's the story there?

You mean "From Treason to Death" I guess? Well I think we just forgot to mention it on our homepage and the sound was terrible but we could see where the path that we wanted to go with our music would lead us.

What would your ideal festival lineup look like? What bands would you love to play with?

We like so many different music genres,it would be difficult to build up the perfect line up and Just to name a few bands:Ne Obliviscaris, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility, Behemoth, SEPTICFLESH.

What will 2016 look like for Kambrium? What are your plans and wishes?

Our biggest wish is for many people to like our new album and that we have the possibility to play many shows.

Any last words for our readers?

If you like melodic/epic death metal - check us out, maybe you will like what we love to do and  Have a great 2016 everyone!!!!

Thank you for this interview and we look forward to your new album!

Metal On Loud!

Randy Gerritse