And Justice For All

By David Maloney

Metalheads Forever has been growing fast this last year and as we gain more and more momentum and attract the attention of a steadily growing crowd,there is an ever increasing need for the enforcement of our house rules.Quite important rules,drafted in a fair for all manner and designed to keep the peace in our most awesome community.The task to friendly remind our partying visitors of these rules and to kindly warn the ones that step over the line (and if necessary show the troublemakers the door) befalls on our amazing admin team.


At MHF we are all volunteers and this whole community and the Magazine,all our channels.. Everything we are based on the free will of the Metal minded people that take care of our day to day operations.Quite the amazing feat! and It's about time you meet the ones behind the scenes. Introducing: The MHF Admin team!

MHF Management

David Maloney

Hello Everyone and I'm Admin:Newfie and I reside in Mississauga,Ontario,Canada.I was born and raised in Newfoundland,Canada.I love Metal from the moment it went through my ears to my heart and that was many years ago. My favorite band is In Flames and I also love Death Angel,Overkill,Warrior Soul and Pearl Jam.My favorite songs are Damage Inc,Black and Nutshell among a thousand more.I love this fucking group and all it's members and fellow admins.I look forward to this army growing and becoming one of the best if not the best Metal communities in this Universe and beyond.....METAL ON LOUD..\m/

Tania Legrand

Hello to everyone! I am Tania Legrand aka admin:Little Russian Tank, 45, two beautiful daughters of 22 and 15 y.o.. I live in Juan-Les-Pins, south of France with my husband and cat Raccoon.Music is my passion and I can consider myself a Metalhead for the last 40 years,thanks to my brother who was blasting Black Sabbath when I was five.My music preferences are Hard,Blues Rock,Psychedelic,Industrial,Stoner Rock/Metal and almost All Metal Genres.My most favorite bands of all the times are,Iron Maiden,Rammstein,Megadeth,Kreator,Pink Floyd.I adore to discover new bands and enjoy new music......Metal On Loud..\m/..

Randy Gerritse

Randy and I'm 4 decades old,happily married to a lovely Metalhead and I'm from the Netherlands.I'm also known as Admin Mr.Tallica to some and to others just as "the tech guy". I'm the one that does all web & community related development for MHF, I'm one of the people that works hard on our identity and magazine, and wrote the lyrics to our anthem that was recorded by Dissector!My favorite band is Metallica, but my taste in metal is very wide and ranging from the darkest black to the most Melodic sorts of Rock,from the rawest Punk and Hardcore to the most aggressive Thrash.

MHF Senior Admins

Kjetil Gudmindsen

I'm Kjetil, Admin : HellHound, 43 years old from Norway. I live in Sola with my wife, 3 year old daughter and a cat named Embla.
I've been a Metalhead since forever and I used to play drums in a Thrash band back in the early 90'...My favorite band is Morbid Angel; preferred sub-Genres are various Death, Thrash and Progressive Metal.
I'm a senior admin in MHF and  I really enjoy meeting fellow metalheads,discussing and discovering new music in the group.
Metal On Loud \m/.

Dwayne D. Hays

Dwayne - 42, Widower & Single father to my 16 year old son Dylan. I'm a freelance graphic designer, or as some affectionately refer to me as The Picture Guru. I'm from Northern California. More specifically Grass Valley where we live with my parents, my cat Pinky, our 2 dogs Spooky Loo, and our horse Little Bits. I love all forms of rock, thrash, groove, Nu, industrial, & old school metal, and have an affection for Punk also. And, I love me some Grunge. But, my all time favorite band is Pink Floyd. I go by the Admin title of "Shady" because I'm nice until I have to be Not nice.
Metal On Loud Headcases!

Santtu Kaskela

Santtu Kaskela from Finland... 40 years young, almost 100% metalhead from 1980, when found my dads vinyls Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Who, CCR etc. First album I bought with my own money early 80s Venom "Welcome to Hell" which my dad took away from me at the same day, got it back some years after that. Favorite bands Motörhead (number 1 since 1983), Anthrax, Exodus, Deicide & Morbid Angel. 4 kids, 3 cats, 2 dogs and 1 special woman. Armed with bipolar disorder, very short temper and 0 patience.Don`t have to prove anything to anyone, couldn`t care less what people think about me... My life my way of living my life. Favorite quotes "Take me as I am or watch me as I go" & "On Your feet or on Your knees".

Carole Bonner

Carole from Pennsylvania.I'm 29,a nurse and Metalhead forever and I also love punk.My favorite Genres are Thrash and Death but enjoy the others as well.


Stacey Ashford

Shadoe 51 mother of 3 adults,grandma of soon to be 2.I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area,CA but have lived in South Dakota the last 19 years. I like all Rock and Metal but lean towards Power,Prog,Melodic, Gothic and Thrash the most.


Geir Olaisen

Hi I'm Geir aka Admin BornStubborn,I hail from the Oslo area in Norway. I'm 43 years old and been into Metal since I was 8.When it comes to Genres it's Black,Death,Doom and NWOBHM that is my favorite Genres to listen to But I'm always on the lookout for new music to listen to and share. Black Sabbath and Judas Priest got me into metal. My favorite Bands is Death,Pink Floyd,Darkthrone,Mayhem and Taake.

Letha Lawson

Howdy :) Lethal admin here. I am from the mountains of Virginia and I've  have been a Metalhead for about 38 years. I am all over the place with my music.. I love music period...especially old school.I love this group and the friends I have made here.

MHF Backstage Crew

David McRoberts

Hi I am David Mcroberts I live in Jacksonville Florida,I work as a chef in a local is more than I can describe; a feeling that just drives me.If there’s one interest in my life that I have the strongest passion for,Heavy Metal music is at the top of my proverbial list... My favorite Genre of music is turning out to be Stoner / Sludge / Psychedelic.."the Sword", "Corrosion Of Conformity etc...but my GO TO bands remain Deftones /Tool.... But if you ever hear Johnny cash coming from my might just have to deal with it.....Metal On Loud!!!

Alex Warholic

Aka known in these parts as Black Knight.I wasn't always into Metal or music in general until 2011 when I moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona.I'm 22 years old in a relationship and I'm legally disabled (mentally) but this don't stop me I've been to 5 concerts this year I collect CD's vinyl and cassette tapes,I don't have a favorite Genre of Metal but I mostly listen to any forms of Death Metal (including Deathcore).I love finding unknown bands I'm not into the big well known bands (well except for Metallica).My all time favorite band Thy Art Is Murder followed by Trigger The Bloodshed... Well that's all for me thanks and enjoy MHF!!!!!

Dave Rego

Hi I'm Dave and I live in Bonney Lake Washington.I am 50 years young and I work as a Cad/Cam programmer in the aerospace industry.I have been a metalhead all my life,I collect guitars and love playing.Some of my favorites are Parkway Drive, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, Prong ,Static x, Ministry and so many more.Turn it up.

Lene Ringmose

Hi,everybody,I'm Lene,from Denmark aka Dark Angel and I'll be 40 in a few weeks and I teach welding in a prison and I've been a Metalhead since I was 5,when my brother introduced me to Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Metallica.My favourite Genres are Melodic Death, Symphonic Death,and Folk Metal but I listen to and enjoy -pretty much all Genres.My favourite bands are In Flames,Children of Bodom,Gojira,Paradise Lost and many more.When I'm not here,I like to cook, bake, and listen to music.

Fdez Ferdinand

Hey everyone,I'm Ferdinand from Latin America, Dom. Rep. AKA Mørkehm,I'm 20 years old I love metal in all its ways. My favourite bands are Motorhead & Death,I love when a band makes their original sound.I've been a metalhead since I was 11 years old.I'm a full time University student,my second favourite Genre of music are  Post-Punk,New Wave and Dark Wave I love cats they are amazing and motorcycles as well! If I have to choose a favourite car it definitely is the shelby Gt500 Mustang 1967.

Monica Redwine

I'm Monica, 36, married with 4 kids/stepkids. I love Ghost, Type O Negative, Opeth, Slipknot & a variety of other bad ass bands. I love music from the 90s, classic rock, horror movies & comic books. This is what I look like when it's not Halloween:

Keith Clement

Metalhead Since 1980, 35 Years Old,I'm from India and Listen to all Genres I also Play Guitar and Sing a bit.

Marci Ensminger

I'm Marci! Known as Admin- VICIOUS! Been A Metalhead for over 30 years! Started with a love for southern rock from my uncles vinyls in the 70s, to Metallica and Fuckin' Slayer in my early teens! Thrash , Nu, Stoner, Industrial, Power and Heavy Metal and Rock, I keep an open mind and listen to all of the the genres! I love this group! I love all the Metalheads here ,we ARE a family! You can always find me in the MH ART group! Check it Out! \m/

LM Yayan Acosta

Hi my name is lauramia "lm" admin Metalatina I'm originally from Puerto Rico but living in New York since 2003 ,I'm old school Metalhead started when I was like 14 I love Heavy,Thrash,Death,Glam Metal my favorite band is Iron Maiden..I'm also full member of the NYDM Metal Club .. I love to collect horror stuff like my living dead dolls ,movies etc..\m/ :) \m/

Sarah Tickner

Hey! I'm Sarah from Tasmania, Australia.Grew up listening to Hard Rock and Metal thanks to my dad's awesome taste in music! Favourite genre is Thrash.I'm 44 and work as a chef and Have 3 boys,two Metalheads and a Punk Rocker!
\m/ Admin:Van Diemen

Matthew Dearborn

Hey everyone!! My name is Matthew (aka Iron Admin), and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada! I've been a Metalhead since I was 8 years old (I'm 20 now) and my top 3 favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Epica.I am also a musician who actively plays no fewer than six different instruments (piano, keyboard, clarinet, guitar, recorder, and my iPhone).Metal on loud, everyone! \m/

Rachel Amell

Hi I'm Rachel (admin Lass Kicker) I'm 32 from Ireland..I'm a part time beauty therapist /full time mom to two boys aged 10 & 8..I love Metal and all things Gore and Horror my favourite Genre of Metal is Thrash #MetalOnLoud \m/.

Nathan Hefner

Hello I am Nathan also known as The Mad Irishman...I am 42 and from Mississippi...I have one child a Daughter that is 17 and is my world..I am into computers and video games...I really don't have a favorite Genre if it sounds good then I play it loud..Groups I like are Pantera AC/DC.Guns N Roses and many more.. #MHF #METALONLOUD \\m// \\m//

Barry Townsend

Hi Metalheads,I'm Barry Townsend,this is my bud Ronnie,,,,,,after Dio,RIP man.
I'm in Nevada U.S. ,desert life and got to love it and I work at home....fabrication,auto rebuilds and Metal is my go to medium for calming the waters and is a necessity,keep it loud \m/.

Steve Bartlett

Hello to you - I'm Steve and I'm the oldest on the admin team hence the Ancient Admin,I live in Gloucester England and I`m a baker by trade.Music has always been a huge part of my life and I have been lucky to see the growth and development of Rock & Metal music over the years getting to see many bands in this time and being around this long I have a whole bunch of favorite music with a huge list of bands but Sabbath, Maiden, Motorhead, Purple, Floyd & Testament would feature high on any list.

Margaret Palacay

Heya! I'm Margaret also known as Admin:Opaque and I'm 19 years of age from La Union, Philippines. A Financial Management student.I grew up not knowing what metal is but what can I say? I am destined to be a metalhead. \m/ Some of my favorite bands are Guttural Slug, Kataklysm, Slipknot, Megadeth, Edguy and Dying Fetus.I listen to all metal subgenres. #metalonloud \m/

Rio Penson

Hi I am Rio Penson admin:Holy Devil 44 yrs old from Manila, Philippines, I work as a final inspector in a automotive air-conditioning technology.Before I am a Punk Rocker in the mid 80's after one of my friend introduce to me Progressive Metal Queensryche,I love all Metal Genres but mostly I listen to Death,Black,Gothic and Doom,My favorite bands are Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Suffocation, Mayhem and Satyricon.

Julio César Granados

Hi i'm Julio César Granados aka Admin:Nightcrawler I'm a Mexican Metalhead since I was 8,I'm a bartender & waiter, my favorite Genres are Thrash,Death & Black etc... finally I like a little of everything... I was born to be a Metalhead\m/\m/.

Micheal McSwain Welch II

Hey y'all!! I'm Admin:Bodhi and I'm 42,been in music since the age of 5...I live in Columbia, SC and Im a sound engineer by trade...

Rene Correa

Hello Everyone I'm Rene Correa ..Admin Here...40 years old,from Kearny New Jersey .. Metalhead since early 80s ..favorite genres Grindcore Death Thrash ...favorite bands Carcass, Exodus..Bathory, old Metallica, Obituary, Death ...Love This Group...METAL IS THE SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE ...!! 

Tabatha Woodruff

Hello! I'm Tabatha aka Moonchild. I'm 35 from North Carolina and have been a music lover all of my life; I'm a training specialist, graduate student, facilitator and mom as well. My favorite genres are hard rock, symphonic, melodic death, and folk metal but I honestly listen to just about everything!

Keith Alberi

Hello,well I'm Keith Albery Genetoa 33 years old,divorced and hailed all the way from South East Asia,Malaysia.I am working as a marine diesel engine engineer in Oil And Gas industry.As far as I can recall I'm kicked off listening to Metal when I was 10(Credit goes to my older brothers and sister).Let's see I began with Sepultura and  Before that I've been exposed to some Glam Rock,Hard Rock and Classic Rock like Grateful Dead My top 3 Genres are Death,Black and Thrash but undeniably listen to others Genres and SubGenres too..

Trisha Lindley

Hi everyone. Admin Solace here. I'm 38 years old. I've been into metal since I can remember, though I love most all other genres as well. I listen to everything from opera to black metal and everything in between. Some of my favorite bands are Metallica,Biopsyhoz,Gojira, Mayhem,In This Moment,and Motionless In White. To just name a few. I love the exposure I get to all different genres and the bands new or old. I love being a part of this group!!

Susan Koagel

Hello. I'm Sue Koagel, 51, from central NY, aka MMM. 100% Metalhead!! Grew up on many different kinds of music from country to punk. I enjoy all genres of music, especially metal!!!!!! I also love all types of art. Some of my favorite bands are: 5FDP, Black Label Society, Pantera, Lamb of God, Korn, The Deftones, Machine Head, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Scorpions, and more.

Darren Diggle

From your Welsh Metal brother....Metal on loud \m/ I'm 44 and live in South Wales in the UK I've been a Metalhead ever since I was about 8 years old and my first Metal band that I heard was Thin Lizzy with the song the boys are back in town and from that day on would be a Metalhead with born and from the day of 10 and until this day my favourite band is Iron Maiden but after that I had many ah journey into the world of Metal with the likes of Ozzy and W.A.S.P. that was until I heard madhouse by anthrax which made me what to hear more bands like that so after that I got into Metallica,Megadeth and of course the mighty Slayer but my journey didn't stop just there because all I wanted to hear was more Thrash Metal bands until my late teenage years which is when I first heard Death with their music,so my next journey  was to hear Death Metal bands so next up came Pestilence and many more Death Metal bands but then in my 20's I turned back into my Thrash and Rock music which is pretty much where I am right now but my Metal life is always in need of hearing more old and new Rock/Metal bands so on that note that is me and will forever be a Metalhead until the end \m/

Jennifer Arnett

Hi I'm Administration:JenX. I'm 48,from Baltimore and now I live in west virginia.I love all types of metal Punk and Classic Rock.I play Brutal Death triangle.

Dallas Joseph Kresl

Hello family!The name's Dallas Joseph Kresl (Admin:Ghost) I'm one of your friendly neighborhood admins. I'm just a 21 year old metalhead from Omaha,Nebraska with a passion for metal,soundscapes, jazz, swing music and video games and  Also just a reminder to always KEEP IT FUCKING METAL!

John Curtis Blose

My name is John Curtis Blose , Builder extraordinaire ; Novice farmer ; and Old School Metalhead ... I have traveled the world and experienced a lot of different things but call the mountains of North Carolina home now. As an Admin for MHF I am extremely proud of the success and rapid growth of MHF and all that's associated with it. I listen to all Genres of Metal but If I had to pick my favs I would have to say Thrash and Glam... That said I still find and like new groups and songs everyday (thanks MHF ) To all new and old members of MHF and all Sub groups know that I am accessible if there are any problems or questions that you encounter so feel free to message me at any time...Metal On Loud...Peace

Kevin Seymour

Kevin, from Arkansas and  I typically stick to Melodeath and Thrash Metal but I am a fan of all Genres.I have a Beautiful 2 year old daughter and she is a born Metalhead.My favorite bands are Iron Maiden,Soilwork and Trivium. \m/

John Lorie Aldea

I'm john lorie aldea.. a music and coffee addict..born and bred Metalhead from Philippines..I love all types of Metal and Genre but my personal favorite is Death Metal with guttural vocals like the voice of terror John Tardy frontman of Obituary..this is my fave classic Death Metal bands Asphyx,Cannibal Corpse,Hypocrisy,Obituary and Death..\m/..Happy Heavy New Year..

Carol Liebman

Hello, metalheads! I'm Carol aka Evil Metal Kitty, I'm 49 years old, and I've been in a long-term relationship for over 26 years. I have a lot of interests and loves, but there are a couple that are essential - animals/nature and music, especially metal. My favorite genres are classic, thrash, death, black, symphonic, folk, and some industrial and doom. Cheers! :) \m/

Desiree Van Achterberg Holm

Hello metalheads \\m// I,m Desiree ,i,m 50 years old and i have been married for many years. I have three kids and all grown up now. I love all kind of music but i esepecially love the music that gives me a "kick". All our kids are into metal. So we think we have done a great job Rock on ! \\m//

Zohar Belkin

Hello everyone! My name is Zohar "Zakk" Belkin, a.k.a Admin Crow. I work in the Israeli military and a big fan of Metal. I also promote Metal in Israel and the rest of the world. My favorite genres are Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Groove Metal, and Symphonic Metal.

David Maloney