Issue #2

January 2016

Articles in this issue:

Welcome to Metal On Loud issue #2

We're writing this as 2015 is slowly ticking away. It’s December 31st, almost time for lunch and we just finished making the last tweaks and small changes to our second issue. It’s been an amazing year for metal, where it comes to releases. At the same time, it’s been a sad year where it comes to the loss of several rock icons, most recent of which the ultimate rock god, Lemmy.

If someone as influential as Lemmy passes away only days before your deadline, you know you need to turn the steering wheel in the other direction, and pull out all stops to honor this amazing man. When you think of Rock, chances are you will soon think of Motörhead. There’s not many bands out there today that were not influenced in some way by this legendary man. In this issue you will find both a photo report and a comic devoted to him.

The ones we lost this year, the artists, the rock gods the legends... They will live forever thanks to their immortal music, the new brilliant talents they inspired and their legions of fans, the Metalheads FOREVER.

May 2016 bring all the greatness and none of the sorrow we saw this year. From all us here at Metal On Loud and Metalheads Forever, Happy new year!

Enjoy this issue!

Randy Gerritse
David Maloney
Tania Legrand