Graspop 2018: A Look Ahead

By Rudi Marina Wauters

Every year we think: "This is a special edition of this well organized festival. Yet, everytime this organisation finds something new to make this metal/rock fest a bit more unique.
This time the festival has a day extra to party. It already starts on Thursday 21/6. And the start will be one to never forget!! Imagine bands like" Doro" who will bring a new show, and "Bury Tomorrow" who perform at GMM for the second time. Also a few new bands get their chance, such as "Follow The Cipher" and "The Pink Slips". Then there's also "Iced Earth" that played the festival multiple times, starting in 1998. But the climax will be "Guns N'Roses". Axel and the band may very well be at this fest for the last time!! So you don't want to miss this!!

The festival has multiple stages, and so every minute you walk on the holy grounds, music accompanies you. And you get a mixture of all kinds of metal and rock. Friday 22/6 is already a good example  with bands as "Arkona" that play pagan/folk metal, the progressive metal object "Ayreon" who will play GMM for the first time, the industrial metalband "In This Moment" with an always very theatrical performance. But also "Powerwolf", a powermetal band, the hardcore band "Stick To Your Guns" also a first timer!! Also a few bands that need no explanation, such as "Parkway Drive" and "Iron Maiden". The diversity is huge, that's what keeps it interesting for everyone.

Besides the music, GMM also thinks about the hungry stomachs and even more important the dry throats of the metalheads. Multiple foodstands with a large variety of festivalfoods, from about everywhere in the world. But also lots of different beers and other liquids are in reach to keep the throats lubricated.

On Saturday 23/6 again a great metalparty. Again some new bands will climb the stages:"Asphyx", "Bölzer" and "Boston Manor" are the firsttimers. Ofcourse also more known bands will get to perform again. A few example's are "Amaranthe", "Kreator", "Exodus", "Megadeth" and  "Marilyn Manson". These bands all have lots of experience, so defenitely looking forward to these again.

Sunday 24/6. As all of us know very well, all good things come to an end. So does this absolute fantastic fest. But before that, there is a last day of giving everything you got and party till dawn. I'll just give a few names and you'll understand this is an exeptional grand finale. What to think about "Body Count","Bullet For My Valentine", "Judas Priest", "Lacuna Coil", "Limp Bizkit", "Meshuggah" and "Ozzy Osbourne". "Ozzy" will probably bring his last performance at GMM, cause rumours about stopping his carreer keep popping up everywhere.

So, do you need more reason to attend this huge metalfest, that brings together about 150.000 people every year!!! "Metal On Loud" hopes to see you at the holy grounds of Graspop!!!

Rudi Marina Wauters