What we are doing which makes the chaos of life so much easier

By Shane L. Bagin

Have we all wondered about certain bands before they became famous? I know I have. As I sat down and talked to all three founding members (Ronnie David Henry, Vincent Comittino, and Harry Bleyer) of Psycho Prophecy. I found these passionate, humble guys fans just like the rest of us. I think that's why more and more people can relate to this awesome new Thrash Metal Band. We covered subjects about how and why they started up the band to life experiences getting them ready to start up the band. We even discussed how hard they are working towards achieving their goals. I got to discover how much music they listen to, the different genres, and how future and present fans themselves inspire their music. I hope you all enjoy this great in depth interview with the members of Psycho Prophecy.

Hi Ronnie, Hi Vinnie, Hi Harry. How are you guys and Psycho Prophecy doing today?

Awesome thank you for this awesome opportunity and thanks for digging our tunes.

Can I start asking you questions?

Sure go for it.

What actually inspired you guys to actually form Psycho Prophecy?

Vinnie: Just the love of metal and music in general I think.

Ronnie: My love for metal and music... I've been in bands since I was 12 years old. It also helps our gift to work together with no drama and tension. I personally think that is the reason we all click as a power trio and the power of 3.

Harry: Mutual respect for the music and the level headedness of the members involved.

How did you guys come up with the name Psycho Prophecy? Ronnie I remember you telling me that you guys were playing shows before you came up with the name.

No shows we just practiced together for awhile.

Did you guys have a name before Psycho Prophecy?

Vincent: Ronnie and I were called Santa Muerte actually. Then when Harry decided to join we wanted a fresh start and new name to portray our music. We just thought Psycho Prophecy sounded cool and good for metal. LOL Honestly it kinda happened organically. LOL

Ronnie: Before that I think we called ourselves Art of War and we were death metal. Death Metal was a huge influence on the band.

Harry: Psycho Prophecy has a meaning for all of us. Psycho... means that we are like a bunch of rednecks and a little crazy.... Prophecy... well it was meant to be you know. Us saying we were meant to be.

To be exact: How long has Psycho Prophecy been in existence?

Since late 2015. A little over a year and a half.

When did everything turn into the right direction for Psycho Prophecy as a band?

Ronnie: We jammed til the summer of 2016 and then cut a demo e.p. in May and June. By August we had signed to Sepulchral records a free digital label that put us out on all major digital music outlets. The month of July was a great month for us. Everything was in place to push it on social media and other music sites such as bandcamp and reverb nation, SoundCloud, ect. I would say July was a huge month for our jump.

What exactly are your goals right now?

Ronnie: Our goal is to play shows and keep pushing through the wall til it crumbles.

As a newer band how hard has it been starting from the bottom and working towards your goals for the present?

Ronnie: It's very hard and a lot of work at my age of 41 because for me it's do or die especially in this business. Vinnie and I both do the practice work. Especially when Harry can practice and still hold a job and run his own business on top of it.

Vinnie: It's really hard work nothing in life comes easy, but we truly enjoy what we are doing which makes the chaos of life so much easier. It's a lot of trial and error no one is gonna hand you the keys and tell you how to drive through life. LOL

Harry: Stick to your guns... keep your contacts and network to get your music into the right persons hands.

One thing I noticed about you guys and I really appreciate about you guys as a fan is that you don't take anything for granted and you have passion for your music and your fans. I just wanted to say thank you for your present and future fans for giving us hope and letting us into your lives.

Ronnie: No problem at all man anytime. Fans are the whole reason we have come this far. I actually like to say friends because they are also my fans vice versa.

Vinnie: Absolutely fans are what make this industry run. If it wasn't for fans no band would make it. Fans are the heart of metal... and we love each and everyone that makes time out of their day to say"I love your music". It means the world to not only me but also Ronnie and Harry as well. Thank you as well Shane.

I know you guys are the 3 founding members of Psycho Prophecy. I was wondering what are the roles for each of you if you have any at all?

Vinnie: We try to split everything up between us. Ronnie is definitely the p.r. guy even though he does almost everything online LOL. Musically it's pretty even unless someone already has a whole song written, but 9 times out of 10 it changes when we bring it to the band LOL, but that's good you know. The more brains the more ideas LOL.

Ronnie: My main role in the band is in the writing and guitar work, as well as the promotional piston behind the band.

I love how Psycho Prophecy actually acts like a breathing machine. You guys all talk about Living, Breathing Metal. How has life experiences such as playing the bar scene and going through addiction prepared you for a music career and band?

Vinnie: It has showed me that nothing in life is given to you and if you want to do something then go for it because you only live once.

Ronnie: I was in the bar scene at an early age of 15... as long as you were in the band in the 80s you got drunk and stoned out back 15 minutes prior to shows. I have battled mostly every drug accept the new crap. Vinnie is right what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and wiser. I myself had the keys and I dropped them. Addiction is how I dropped the keys. I am now older, wiser, smarter, and most important 8 years sober. That's why I feel I owe it my life's dedication.

Harry: Metal is a family of people with the same feelings and viewpoints, and as long as the trust and music is there.  You always have room to improve.

What bands and music if any besides metal influences your music?

Vinnie: I like some jazz and blues especially older blues. Really anything but newer hip hop and pop. Can't stand over produced music LOL. I love Johnny Cash R.I.P. brother LOL.

Ronnie: I'd say with me growing up in the 80s being from Hair Metal..LOL.. Poison being from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, and then taking all that with me to when I was introduced to my first Metallica Ep that got me into the heavier stuff... when I met Vinnie he got me into bands like Whitechapel and I fell in love with the 7 string sound.

Harry: Everything Metal, Pop, hip-hop, rap, emo, prog, nu- metal, old country, blues, Doo wop, I just love music in general. Music is the door to my soul.

Does Psycho Prophecy have plans on making an E.P.? If so when can your present and future fans expect a record or E.P. to come out?

Vinnie: We just released one last summer as for another one, in the distant future. Right now we are pushing the first E.P. which is self titled.

Harry: We are always writing new riffs. Expect a second album though, and many more to follow.

If you don't mind I have one more question for you guys. If there is a message you want to send to your future and present fans: What would you like to say to them?

Ronnie: We love them all... we are striving to be the best for them. Never give up on your dreams... Stay metal horns up and metal for life.

Vinnie: Life is short live it to the fullest and always chase your dreams. You never know what could happen and above all stay true to yourself and stay metal.

Harry: Do whatever you want to do and follow your dreams and your heart...

I just wanted to say thanks for the great interview and taking time to talk to me.

You are very welcome. We would really like to thank Metal on Loud Magazine for the opportunity to have you interview us, thank you for your most appreciated time and most of all we would really like to thank our family, friends, and fans for all the support.

Shane L. Bagin