Hold High The Flame

Final Sign

FINAL SIGN plays Heavy Metal. What can you tell us about your influences? Why you chose this genre? -

Heavy Metal chose us. We've been fans of Heavy Metal since the 70s and 80s, so it's in our blood. We all enjoy and have played other styles of music, but Heavy Metal always calls us back. As for influences, they are many. From Black Sabbath to Slayer to Kiss to Judas Priest to Exciter to Angel, the individual members of our band are all over the map.
Please tell us about your local scene.

North Carolina, where Final Sign is from, is home to many fantastic Metal bands. The bands span the genres from Traditional Metal, Doom, Thrash, Death Metal, and Punk. We all try to play together and support each other as best we can. Big hails to Widow, Dogbane, False Prophet, Dark Design, Eldritch Horror, Blatant Disarray, Confessor, Daylight Dies, Salvacion, Gross Reality, Mortal Divine, White Knuckle Blackout, Hephystus, A Vision Grotesque, Final Curse, and all the NC Metal fans for being simply amazing!
You are signed in TRIBUNAL / DIVEBOMB RECORDS. What can you tell us about this?

My relationship with Tribunal Records goes back more than 10 years. I contributed some guest vocals to the second album from Killwhitneydead. Then my Rock band Line Of Fire signed to Tribunal. Since they added the Divebomb imprint, I have continued my relationship in different ways, including Line Of Fire's second album and contributing to two more Killwhiteneydead albums. When Brian and I were finishing the Final Sign album, I had a hunch it would be right up Divebomb's alley. Divebomb specialises in true, underground Thrash, Heavy Metal, and US Power Metal...both reissues and new albums. I sent the songs to them, and they loved them. It just worked out. They believe in what we're doing, and we know that their product is high quality. There were other labels we briefly spoke to, but Divebomb as at the top of our list...we're very pleased to be on board.
While the band is young, the musicians, however, is not. You played in a lot of bands. Please tell us about the band members.

Yes, we all have some years behind us. Ha! Not only have we played in a lot of bands seperately, we have also played in bands together at different times in the past. Brian and I played together in K-Octave and released one album. I also played two shows with Brian fronting October 31. Kevin and I played together in Trampled Underfoot. Kevin and Brian played together in Obey Bizar before I ever met either of them. Howard and Brian have played in cover bands together as well. I got my start back in 1990 with Oracle. When I met Brian, he was (and continues to be) a major force in October 31. Our combined years of experience and our proven chemistry as musicians has been very beneficial to the coming together of Final Sign. We know who we are, and we know what we want from our Metal.
Let's discuss your album, "Hold High The Flame". What will we find inside it?

Energetic, aggressive, vicious Heavy Metal! We all put everything we had into these 8 songs, and the energy jumps right out of the speakers. Nothing was phoned in, we all poured our hearts and souls into it. Brian's riffs and songs bring out the best in me, as a singer and as a lyricist. His vibe and enthusiasm is undeniable. When I heard these songs for the first time, I was instantly energized and could not wait to get into the studio. The songs are diverse, bringing in influences from different genres of Metal, but they are all unified under the Final Sign banner. We are older guys, so we bring the old school with fire and venom.
What is your most iconic moment as a band?

Up to this point, it has been signing with Divebomb Records. We are so excited for this album to get into people's hands. The response to the few singles we've put out has been unbelievable! We are confident that, as people begin to digest the other songs on the album, the energy and passion with which we play these songs will infect the souls of the listeners and it will spread throughout the Metal community!
Please recommend some music for the readers.

OK. I'll do my best. I think people should absolutely seek out the following three albums ASAP: WULFHOOK - The Impaler, WIDOW - Life's Blood, and AVENGER OF BLOOD - Death Brigade.  
Any last words for the fans?

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to read these words. Thanks so much for the reception you have given Final Sign and we hope you all enjoy 'Hold High The Flame' as much as we enjoyed making it! Spread the word! Heavy Metal is all about word of mouth from YOU, THE FANS!!!! If you love it, SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD!! Metal fans are the greatest music fans on the planet, because they are honest. So, the fact that Final Sign has been so well receieved by this amazing group of people truly touches our hearts and we THANK YOU for the opportunity to bring the Metal to you!!!!
Thank you for this interview!
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