Issue #1

December 2015

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Welcome to Metal On Loud issue #1

When I joined the Metalheads Forever community, they had just crossed the 10,000 members line. I was already in awe of the size of the group, and the general feel I got from it’s members. It instantly hit me, this place was something special. I had wandered in to find a place to promote one of my own metal-related projects, which I soon forgot all about. MHF became my new focus, I saw a shitload of potential. After a number of talks with David & Tania, I soon became part of the core team. From there on out, things moved fast.

Within a week our first domain name was registered: We also shortened our slogan to Metal On Loud, updated our facebook presence to strengthen our brand and came with a professionally designed official kickass logo.

Fast forward to today. MHF is now 5 years old. We have over 30 channels. We are on all big social media sites. We have 4 url’s ,a magazine, a video search, 2 weekly band competitions, 2 theme days, a well filled YouTube channel with video content, our own Anthem by Dissector (!!!), and are rocking over 50,000 members. That’s a legion!

We’re well on our way to World Domination, yet we are still only at the beginning. There are so many great plans we still need to unfold. But one thing is certain, this community is here to stay. Enjoy Issue #1 of our magazine!

Metal On Loud!

For the Metal On Loud Team
Randy Gerritse